Selfish People – How to Deal With Them

I believe that we all are selfish to a certain extent. Many people lack self love, have no values for themselves and also display signs of low self confidence.

They basically are self absorbed, typically arrogant and narcissistic. Selfish people constantly try their hardest to get others to believe their world is better

than yours, they continually talk about themselves, and they cut you short and speak over you because they feel they are always in the right. Dealing

with selfish people is often a difficult and at times is mentally exhausting! Below I’ll give you my tips on how to successfully deal with selfish people.


Top 10 Tips for Dealing With Selfish People

1.) When dealing with selfish people, we must first accept that they have absolutely no regard for other! You will quickly find that everything is centered

directly on them; they will never be receptive to your needs first – because they are more important. There are however times when they can actually be

generous, you will quickly learn they basically lack the skills and the willingness to simply be kind.

2.) Selfish people require constant attention; much like a child and this is because they want to constantly be in the spotlight. You will find they are constantly

doing things that draws attention to them and this is because they suffer low self esteem and crave to be noticed – regardless how senseless they look, to them,

in their eyes, they are cute, funny, whatever have you and their sense of humor is typically very “dry” to say the least.

3.) They tend to love a drama filled life. They love to push buttons of others, just to get a reaction whether it is positive or negative. It is so important for our

own sanity that we never stoop to their level – this is what they want! Don’t cave in to their mindless games, stay true to yourself and do not lower yourself to

their childish ways!

4.) Most selfish people that I’ve dealt with are so absorbed in their own world that they totally forget I in fact have feelings too! It is perfectly okay and

absolutely necessary to speak up and remind them that the world does not revolve around them and only them. This can be done in a nice manner, a calm

tone in your voice and you defiantly don’t need to come across like you’re attacking the person. Simply say your words that need to be said, and go about your

business. My run in with a negative person was in my work place, which made it difficult for me as I totally loved the job! However after I spoke very

matter of fact to him – it stopped and he left me alone.

5.) Another powerful strategy is to simply be civil with them, and don’t offer them any further attention – in doing so you are totally limiting your words and

keeping conversation very minimal. This tactic throws them totally off balance! Remember always it’s all about attention and when you aren’t giving it to them;

they go find another who will.

6.) Start bringing up things that you have an interest in, just be random – the key is he’s not going to be interested in your topic regardless – because his

interests are better! You will see quickly that he will learn to escape the conversation as quick as possible as he realizes they you have no interest in his self

absorbed life and stories!

7.) You will also find that selfish people are continually asking you to do things for them – asking for favors, but they’d never in a million years think of helping you.

If we continually do for them, we enable them – stand your ground, be firm and do not let yourself be walked on! You simply need to be short and very direct in your words and simply say “NO!”

8.) Just as with toxic people, selfish and self absorbed people have no value or purpose in your life. They will do their best to make you feel not worthy and degrade you any chance they get. Best advice is to totally remove them from you life.



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