4 Signs of Emotional Blackmail

People who belittle and demean you, criticize and insult you, pick you apart and judge you are the most negative and toxic people to involve your life with. These people are master manipulators. They are bullies and feel entitled to push your boundaries, they lie, cheat and abuse.Please educated yourself and learn 4 Signs of Emotional Blackmail that I have listed below, these people are not the type of people you need to want to involve your life with!

 1. Continual threats towards someone or something close to you

This is typical of the abuser, they will, if they do not get their way with something; threaten. They can threaten you, your family,personal possessions that are sentimental to you; the threats can even go as far as making threats to your employer. The abuser (blackmailer) threatens so they can gain control over the situation and get their way, they want and expect you to comply with their order; and if you don’t – watch out! They are very dangerous people and they have no remorse for what they do!

2. They threaten themselves

When the abuser is close to the victim (example boyfriend and girlfriend), they will make threats against themselves; in order for them to get their way. Again this is another form of manipulation. They may threaten their life as a way to gain control. They are also known to be bizarre and go to major extremes. Be careful, be mindful and aware of the situation you are involved in. Sadly I have seen personal friends in these relationships and she was so manipulated and constantly scared. Beyond that, every time she tried to end the relationship; the abuse became worse, so she stayed involved in fear of her life. This is no way to live.

3. They use guilt to blackmail and further manipulation

They are also known very well to play guilt- tripping. This is when the emotional blackmailer will use threats combined with guilt as a way to get the victim to comply to their demands. They want the victim to feel sorry for them (guilt) and they again will also make threats weather upon themselves, the victim, other family members or again sentimental items of value. Again, this is a horrible position for the victim to be in!

4. Threats against the victim

This is less uncommon, however it still happens. The blackmailer will make threats toward the victim an personal property, in order to get the victim to comply with their demands. In order for the abuser to be successful, they must know what the victim fears most; loneliness, humiliation, abandonment and failure. The goal for the abuser is to threaten until the victim gives in. This again is another form of master manipulation.

No that you’ve learned the classic signs of Emotional Blackmail, lets talk about what to do if you are ever involved in this situation. You should never give into their demands, because this is most rewarding to the abuser. They won; they got their way. They now know they can do it again and again and again!

If someone truly loved you, whole heartedly, they would never think of treating you like this to begin with. If you’re entering a new relationship and you see these signs, get out NOW because it’s not going to get any better. I promise you it will only get worse. You must understand you will never be able to control the abuser, but you always can control yourself. As mentioned above, it is best to completely remove yourself from the situation; so you are safe! Any type of threat should always be taken very seriously. Don’t think it’ll get better, don’t wait around and see if the abuser is “acting” nicer tomorrow. Tomorrow might be too late. Seriously, protect your life and don’t get involved. For so many, once involved it’s near impossible to get away. That is defiantly no way to live your life!

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  1. I have a friend at one time that portrays every word you spoke. I started reading and wow it’s like you knew him. We do not talk now at all, it’s really sad but I’m a fixer and there was no fixing his situation.He would just keep dragging me back in and down…I never experienced anything or a person like that in my whole life.

    Again thank you


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