Simple Self Care Steps To Ensure A Successful Day!

If you’re anything like me, your schedule is packed and often times you find yourself feeling overloaded and find yourself wondering how you’re going to make it through the day. We all struggle with this from time to time – we’re human, it’s expected! We can learn some Simple Self Care Steps To Ensure A Successful Day and ease the strain in our lives!

1- Routine is so important

Routine is so important because it keeps us on track and beyond that it makes us accountable for what we accomplish in our day. Regardless of how late you went to bed, or how awful you slept, force yourself to get up at a consistent time each morning. This simple step actually syncs your body with your daily schedule and actually allows us to become more productive!

2- Breakfast is an absolute must!

Breakfast is an absolute must! We possibly can’t accomplish all our tasks without a nourishing breakfast. Make healthy choices! A breakfast jammed packed with protein is defiantly the way to go as the protein keeps your energy levels stable. Coffee for me is a must, but I avoid afternoon coffee as it truly can affect your sleep that night. Instead of coffee in the afternoon, opt for green tea for your afternoon pick me up!

3-  Feeling sluggish

For most, in the afternoons, we tend to start feeling sluggish. Try switching up your lunches and chose more kale, watercress and arugula which all help our liver work more effectively to remove toxins from our bodies. Toxins are what cause us to feel sluggish! Afternoon, between lunch and dinner is the idea time to nourish your body with healthy snacks such as apples, pears, nuts and seeds are all natural and feed your body essential nutrients as opposed to highly processed quick snacks like bags of chips and candy bars.

4- Make your sleeping environment comfortable

Night time is the prefect time to de-stress and actually take time to reflect upon your day. If we learn to get into the simple habit of journaling each evening for 10-15 minutes about what is bothering you, you can sleep with a clear mind and most likely won’t be waken up worrying and losing sleep. Make your sleeping environment comfortable and relaxing. Beds are for sleeping, not a place for working, social media or television. For a good nights rest, keep your room cool and dark so the light doesn’t awake you.

Making some simple steps and being more in tune with your bodies and actually making healthy choices will set you up for a positive and productive day ahead. When we take the time to treat our bodies and ourselves right, we feel better and we do better each and every day!

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