Snap Out Of Your Bad Mood!

We’ve all been there, we didn’t get enough sleep, or we simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed! Possibly the kids aren’t cooperating with you in

the morning for school or someone was rude to you at the office – regardless the reason, bad moods happen and if we don’t snap out of the mood,

our whole day is affected. There are simple steps to help you bounce back – “Snap Our Of Your Bad Mood!

1-) Give time to yourself- For me, I find it beneficial to give myself a time out, just enough space for myself to come to grips with the negativity that is surrounding me and get on top of it. I also find getting active, take a walk and walk it off! Any activity that gets your body moving will help fight the blues away.

2-) Talking About Your Feelings – Grab the ear of a close friend or family member, anytime something is troubling you, it is always best to talk it out, sometimes a listening ear is all we need! If you have no one to talk to, make a journal entry about your feelings and why you’re feeling upset. Anything that rids you of the negativity is important! Keeping feelings and emotions locked up inside you just allows them to grow into bigger problems and allows your mood to linger with you throughout your day and nobody wants that!

3-) Laughter will always lighten any mood- Laughter truly is the best therapy! It’s impossible to stay in a mad mood when you carry a smile on your face! Laughter will always lighten any mood, and will also teach us to view things differently next time we’re upset. Sometimes we will find what we are bummed out about wasn’t that big of a deal and we learn to brush the simple things off.

4-) Make simple changes- Sometimes just the daily routine can seem mundane and instantly throws us in a bad mood. Nobody wants to feel this way, but we can change this! If your morning routine with getting ready for work and the kids our the door for school is stressing you to the max, start preparing the night before to ensure a smooth transition for everyone in the morning. You will find making simple changes will make a better morning experience for everyone!

5-) Meditation is awesome- Meditation is awesome! However many people think how can I actually be calm and sit in quiet to meditate while I’m upset and angry? Well, you will find a true calming effect of your thoughts and emotions when you simple give your self the chance to sit in quiet, take in some deep breaths and release your frustrations. Many people say they don’t have time to meditate, but seriously it’s not a drawn our process – give yourself 5 minutes, you will feel refreshed! There are so many FREE beginner videos on YouTube to teach you’re the basics and the benefits of meditation.

Bad moods are going to happen, truly there is no way to prevent them, but we can get on top of them as soon as the negativity begins, we have the power to stop it and take back control over our day! Bad moods are also contagious; nobody wants to catch your mood, so keep yourself in check!

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