Southwest Airlines Pack Plane With Displaced Pets From Hurricane Harvey Possible The Cutest Rescue Mission You Ever Did See!

Hurricane Harvey sure caused havoc in the lives of so many people with its destruction this past this past week when Harvey

barreled through Houston, Texas. So many people have been affected by the aftermath of Harvey, but what about our four legged friends?

They have been affected as well!

So many dogs and cats have been displaced from their owners and are currently looking for their fur-ever homes!

Southwest Airlines coordinated with Texas rescue group, Operation Pets Alive and San Diego’s Helen Woodward Animal Center.

This past Wednesday, Southwest Airlines loaded the cabin of the plane with 64 dogs and cats from over crowed animal shelters in

Texas and journeyed on the 1,400 mile flight to San Diego, California and have made accommodations to care for the animals while

many owners are currently displaced from their homes.

It is so amazing how people come together in time of need, not just to help each other, but to also show compassion for the affected animals.

Four medical personnel from the Helen Woodward Animal Center flew out to Texas to assist in organizing and assisting with medical care for

the shelter animals.


Sadly, these animals are the silent victims in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The shelters are devastated without electricity and have no

supplies to care for the animals that need medical care/ attention. Sadly, so many of these animals have become orphaned as a result of

Harvey and the wide spread flooding. Many animals were forced to shelters before Harvey ever arrived in its destruction. With the over

crowding of shelters, many of the displaced animals were suddenly facing euthanasia; because there’s simply not enough room.

How wonderful it is that Southwest Airlines partnered with Operation Pets Alive and San Diego’s Helen Woodward Animal

Center to provide medical care and treatment of the injured animals, and assist them in their flight to safety, and care for these

animals until they are adopted out to their new fur-ever homes! In the pictures and video below, your heart is sure to melt

when you see these puppy dog eyes, holding onto hope and the chance for a better life. Such a great effort to all involved!

I love happy endings!

image: Twitter

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