Stop Putting Your Kids In Adult Situations

This is a true story that I witnessed driving home from my office today. Totally broke me. Friday evening, driving home in rush hour traffic and this car

is driving recklessly towards my lane with music blaring; there are 2 young children in the back seat, not in a safety seat and another child in

the front seat. Two police cruisers pull up with lights on and the second that this lady saw them she instantly jumped out of her car. The cops pulled

guns on this woman and told her to stop! She didn’t listen; a police officer chased after her, and used a taser gun to apprehend her.

Please Stop Putting Your Kids In Adult Situations!

I cannot believe what I am seeing in front of my eyes; my heart is breaking for these innocent kids and their little minds trying to make any sense with

what is happening; they are entirely too young to be dealing with such emotions; they cannot even make words to express what they must be feeling inside.

I am truly devastated and set back with what I’ve just witnessed!

It was more than obvious that this woman was not aware of what she was doing, it was apparent that she wasn’t in control of her own actions and

beyond that she is showing no regard towards her own children. I understand that people go through hard times – its life; but get control of yourself and if

you are using substances to alter your thinking – get help. Kids should NEVER EVER have to experience such behavior from an adult – especially their own parent!

Have you ever heard the saying “The life you live is the lesson you teach?” There is no truer statement! Our children look up to us; we are supposed to guide them

through life with positive reinforcement and at the same time show continuous love and care. No child should ever have to experience what these young children

witnessed today. The actions of this mother today are actually a burden to these children. These children are not mentally developed to deal with such; plus this

causes unnecessary stress, fear and uncertainty that no child; regardless of age, should ever have to deal with.

My prayers are strong and continual that these kids get the help that they are most deserving of and my hope is strong that they are put in a loving home

until their mother is able to get her life in check and show these children the love that they are most deserving of.

Little innocent children should never have to be overwhelmed by these types of emotions; that sadly they had to witness and experience today.

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