Studies Prove Husbands Cause More Stress For Their Wives Than Their Children

Women with children carry more titles than just “Mommy”, they are the teacher, the cook, the nurse, the maid, and on top of all that,

they are also a wife! Recent studies prove that husbands are actually causing more stress than the kids.

The recent survey was completed by, where they interviewed over 7,000 mothers in the United States. The study showed most

moms rate their level of stress daily at a whopping 8.5 out of 10. The study further revealed that 46% of the mothers found their major source of stress

came from their husbands as opposed to their children.

75% of the women in the interview reported that the majority of their stress is related to women being in charge of most of the parenting,

as well as other household chores. This study proves that only 25% of women feel their husbands do an equal share with parenting and the household chores.

The study also revealed that most women feel overwhelmed and overstressed because they have so much on their plates, and were never able

to complete all their tasks in a day. This is solely because the lack of help from their husbands. This even holds more true to women who not

only handle the kids and the household chores but also hold down a job outside of the home.

Many of the women that participated in the interview also stated that their husbands are more so overgrown children, which basically means

they not only are responsible for all of the above, but they also have to take care of their husbands.

These stress levels that women carry on their shoulders eventually cause hardship between the couple within their marriage, not to mention the health

issues associate with higher stress levels and the quality of life the lives are living.

The study also showed that later in life when the wife passes away, the husbands health quickly deteriorates, because he doesn’t know how to take

care of himself, as the wife always tended to his every need. On the other hand, when the husband passes away, the wife tends to become

healthier and also shows a major improvement in dealing with stress and depression.

Couples reading this article should ask themselves “What can I do to prevent this?” Simply, both partners should step up to the plate and

provide equal care and support for the children as well as pitch in for household chores. The wife should also feel comfortable communicating to her

husband regarding her stress levels, and even more so be able to ask him for more help when and where it is needed. The duties within

the household should be divided; they should work together as a couple to find resolutions that benefit both parties.

Each partner needs to pitch in, on a regular basis and carry their own weight. Truly, a working and successful household is only able to be achieved

when both parties give equally. When one spouse is down sick, you pick up the slack. This keeps things smooth and creates happiness

within the marriage. And, we women should trust our husbands will do things to the of their ability, even if it isn’t how you would have done it, the

task is done and you should be content with their help and efforts.