Successful Single Parenting


Single parenting can be challenging, but it is manageable. When we become parents, our lives change and we tend to stop paying attention to our

needs because we feel a strong obligation to care for everyone else that we often lose sight of ourselves. Some days are overwhelming and we

need a break – this is okay! Being a single Mom or Dad is defiantly hard, but it is so worth it and it is achievable without the constant feeling

of being overwhelmed.

We can learn to be Successful Single Parenting!

1.) First and most importantly, don’t rush through life raising your kids, enjoy the little moments along the way. With our hectic schedules between work

and home life, it is difficult to find time to make everything work. IF your kids are old enough, this is a perfect time to teach them responsibility and

have them help with age appropriate tasks. This not only teaches them responsibility, but many of the chores and be done together as a team and

actually made fun, which strengthens the bonds with your children. Kids love routine, they love to please us; so by all means, make it fun and allow them to pitch in!

2.) Learn to plan ahead, this allows for a smooth day! We can be proactive and prepare lunches for school the night before, we can meal plan/ prep so that

our week nights aren’t as hectic. You will find your days will be less stressful and so much less hectic if we take time to plan ahead. We can even teach our kids

to choose their outfits the night before, find their shoes so we aren’t scrambling at the last minute. These small steps reduce stress in your life as well as

your child’s and the morning rush is enjoyable instead of rushed and unpleasant for all involved.

3.) Allow for imperfection! No one is perfect; some days will be tougher than others. As long as were doing our best, that is what matters. Never compare

yourself to other parents, as their situation might not be the same as yours. We aren’t ever perfect, there is no such thing, we aim to do our best at all times

through all situations.

4.) There is nothing wrong with taking time out for you, you deserve a break! It is so important that we learn to make this time for us, we all need this outlet!

When we allow this time for ourselves, we reduce our stress; we get our frustrations out by spending time with friends and just talking about life.

5.) We defiantly must dump the negative attitude! If we learn to look at our situation more positively, we learn to find balance and a will to make everything

work out. Instead of saying “I cannot do this” find ways to work around any and all situations. Furthermore, when we talk down on ourselves, it does nothing

for us and beyond that it is doing nothing to help your children. When we’re negative, our children pick up on this and it is teaching life long problems.

Our kids learn from everything we do.

6.) When you need help, never be embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help. Reach out to family and close friends. It is also desirable to have your church family

and your children involved with other children for play dates. This encourages life long friendships. It is important that you associate yourself and your

children with positive people that uplift you as well as support you through times of struggle. You will also find your church group will most likely offer a

single mom/ dad support group and I highly recommend getting involved!


Successful single parenting can be fulfilling as well as rewarding! Lastly I’d like to stress the importance of making and spending quality time with your

kids – this is priority! Spending time doesn’t mean spending money. Money doesn’t make memories. Its quality time, playing board games, baking cookies,

making crafts, family movie night etc. These are things that you children will remember, this is valuable time together which will be cherished for a lifetime!

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