4 Tips to Survive a Break-up

Throughout life, we will all fall madly in love and we will all suffer the anguish of the breakup. Not all relationships are meant to last. Sometimes God puts

people into our lives for a reason, and it’s not necessarily for good or bad, sometimes it’s a lesson, simply to make us stronger and grow as a person.


Needless to say, break ups are most difficult and you will feel you simply cannot continue on without the “love of your life”. However, you will find happiness again.

We must learn to move past and grow from our loss. We can look at a break up as a learning experience. We can learn from our mistakes as well by setting our

values of what we desire in a relationship and also setting boundaries to avoid heartache again.

Below you will see my tips on Surviving Breakups and how to regain joy to your life.


1.) Most importantly, you need to accept you simply cannot go from lovers to friends. So don’t even consider it! I say this because it will NEVER work and

you are setting yourself up for more pain. Take time to work through your feelings, we cannot live in denial. We must accept that it is over. We can hold

onto our memories and cherish them in our heart, but it is time to move forward.

2.) We must continue about our daily responsibilities and take good care of ourselves during the healing process. Take the time you need. Do extra special things

for you during this time, love yourself! Do not continue conversations with your ex as this only brings more feelings, room for arguments, etc. Learn to say

goodbye and let go. You need to protect your heart for pain; it’s not worth putting yourself in a situation where it is up and down. Rekindling things with your

ex won’t fix your feelings and it isn’t the answer to your loneliness. Allow yourself the space you need and avoid contact at all cost!

3.) Never feel that you are not worthy because your relationship failed, you success is not determined by your relationship status. Sometimes regardless

how much time and effort you pour into something, it simply doesn’t work and that is because it was not meant to be. As hard is it may sound, you are so very

worthy and you should never question that! Focus your energies on you and what you’d like to have different in your next relationship, and next time don’t

allow for anything less!

4.) Another great way to work through the healing process is to write down your feelings that you are not able to speak out loud. Sometimes the initial pain

and shock hurts so much, it’s important to get your feelings out whether you voice them or write them. Journaling is a great exercise to help practice

mindfulness and sort out your feelings. Through writing, you are able to be expressive with your thoughts as well as what you feel in your heart. This also allows

you to come and look back at it in the future as see how much you’ve grown as a person.


There is no doubt about it, breakups are defiantly heartbreaking! You will find that in the future, your approach to love and relationships is different to how it was in the past. You’ve grown, you’ve become much wiser and you’re more mature now. You’ve set your values, your standards and your boundaries are firmly in place. You will look back on this past relationship that you viewed as the worst part of your life, where in fact it has made you be the person you are today.

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  1. With 62 years old you have not much going on for on other relationship I SURLY don’t want
    I moved to Canada with my Husband and we where married 36 years and live together since 38 years.feel insecure all I did lived for my family and Husband and worked my ass off at our business.then 2 month ago I quid my job ,even I know he needed me,that when he lost his head and slept with the accountant who worked with me 11 years at our company.still he was smart then business had to go on.

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