Talking To Yourself Is Linked With Higher Intelligence!!

During recent study, researchers have linked talking to yourself out loud to higher intelligence. I know that there are times

we find ourselves talking to ourselves – this isn’t a bad thing as it keeps our mind sharp, helps keeps us focused, stay organized and

even deal with our emotions.

Talking out loud to yourself and even using your name defiantly raises the bar and has actually been proven to enable your brain to function

more effectively and beyond that it has also been proven to stimulate your brain’s memory centers. Speaking out loud is actually stimulated

involuntarily and triggered by our motor commands.


During a study, 28 participants were asked to read silently and the others were asked to read out loud. The results were measured on

how the participants concentrated on tasks, and found the participants that read out loud proved to have memorized and absorbed nearly

everything they read and were more concentrated and focused.


The results prove that the benefits are attributed to actually hearing yourself, because our auditory commands are better controllers of

behavior as compared to written ones. Speaking out loud is a extension of our inner silent talk, which again has been proven to help organize,

deal with emotions, memories and even plan our actions.


A perfect example is athletes – tennis players during a stressful match. They’ve been taught to use self spoken instructions to help keep

their focus and to actually motivate themselves to achieve their specific goals.


Many people might think you’re dealing with psychological problems if they hear you speaking to yourself out loud, keep on doing what you’re

doing, you are actually leading the pack with higher intelligence than most! Beyond higher intelligence, previous studies have also indicated

that talking to yourself also has cognitive benefits, like helping find objects quicker.


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