Teen gets turned down for prom – school is amazed when famous voice comes on loudspeaker

Finding a date for prom can be hard to achieve, you have to pluck up the courage to ask someone to go then have wait to see if they accept.

When asking another student that’s generally tough so imagine having to ask a major celebrity.

Katie Kelzenberg, a senior at Stillwater High School in Oklahoma knows just how daunting it is.

Friends of Katie, know she is a massive fan of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

When it comes to fans of The Rock, Katie Kelzenberg is most definitely his biggest one.

She has learned the lines to most of his movies, followed his wrestling career and celebrated every social media post might not be all that peculiar, but asking him to attend her high-school prom is.

Taking pen to paper Katie wrote a letter to the 46-year-old, requesting him to be her date and he responded in typical Dwayne Johnson fashion.

Of course, Katie would have been forgiven him if he had simply forgotten her invitation in amongst his busy schedule.

But The Rock doesn’t stand his fans up like that?

While sitting in class one day, the loudspeakers began to chime out the usual announcements.

This particular time it wasn’t the usual voice reading,  it was indeed a voice Katie recognised well.

The Rock himself reached out to the Stillwater High administration and secretly recorded the daily announcements.

First, he began by wishing the student body well then turned his attention to Katie herself.

Johnson couldn’t make the prom due to other commitments but had, in fact, something special lined up for “best friend” Katie.

Watch the video below to see Kaie’s reaction to The Rock’s great surprise:

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