I thank my wife for always believing in me, when no one else would

Recently my wife passed away, and I’ve had a dramatic change in my life for the good! Kind of Weird! Never had a lot of confidence in myself.

Even though my wife continually believed in me. She been sick a long time with bone problems and recently with heart, lung and breathing issues. I suffered

long term alcohol abuse which kept me mostly depressed but I carried on went to therapist, AA meetings, group sessions what ever I had to do

to understand my sickness that I had. Not till Jan. 9 2004 did I realize I cannot drink “NO” alcohol! It was a sobering experience to say the least. I went to jail for 45days in Dupage. When you have your freedom taken away it’s no fun! Hurting myself was not my problem. Its that

I had to leave my wife and she had to struggle thru her recovering hip surgeries and I let down. Right then and there, I decided no more drinking!

When I met her, I told her I had a drinking problem, but that did not detour her from believing in me! She’s the only one that truly love me for

who I was. She molded me into the man I am today. I miss her! She knew her time was coming to a end. I believe thru her she instilled me to

carry on with your life, be strong and speak with people! That has been a godsend! Most talking I’ve done in the whole 57 yrs of my life!

It has helped emensly changed into a positive force of just being kind to other people and trying to help others when needed. So, back to

the question, Do I love Myself? Well I’m feeling the best I ever felt about myself, and I will continue in this positive force instilled from my wife!

I was always quiet, shy and sometimes afraid to talk to people. Alcohol opened a big can of worms for me. Good at first, But took control of me,

and almost destroyed me! I feel fortunate right now, that I here and finally talking to others. I realized talking released these feelings for over 50 yrs.

I want to especially thank the nurses in Presence Hospital specifically in ICU, 5th floor and the 3rd Floor along with Rainbow Hospice who helped

me in many ways during this time. Caring, understanding and a helping hand when needed. I have great respect for what these nurses do!

They cover the gambit of many jobs into one! They deserve more money! A lot of them do it because they love to help people! Also,

I thank my wife for always believing in me, when no one else would.

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