The Sweetest Experience


Everyday when I leave my office for the evening, I see John, the homeless man that is always standing on the corner with his dog.

Through the past 3 years I’ve learned to know John to be a kind middle aged man in his late 40’s, whom has fallen on tough times do to a

house fire which caused him to loose everything. John didn’t have renters insurance; he lost everything he owned including his car.

He has absolutely nothing except the items in his backpack and his dog; John became homeless in 2013.

I’ve helped John at times with a warm meal, toiletries, some non perishable food items and dog food for his best friend. Today was different;

God used me as his messenger; he needed me to reach out and touch another’s heart. I visited with John today and since the weather is getting

colder in our area I brought him a new sleeping bag, a warm winter coat from the Salvation Army, more food items a gift certificate for a hair cut,

also provided him with some food cards to fast food places in the area and I paid for him and his dog to sleep in a hotel for 3 nights.

I also provided him with a Bible.

I must say that John was ever so grateful and appreciative of my acts of kindness, as he was tearing up in his eyes; he asked me why I am doing this for him?

I explained that God has sent me here to help you and spread his gospel and he asked me to pray for you.

I explained to John how living a life of faith and leading by God will change your life. John was basically in “awe” as I continued to share with him

what I’ve learned through living my life with Christ, the more he became interested and started asking more questions. I explained to John the

benefits of the Daily Devotional Bible that I brought him an I encouraged him to read Luke 11:2-4 and to never stop praying.

We said our good byes and I went on my way. I must say that this was the most awesome experience that I have ever had in my life. I have always been

one to reach out and help others in need, but this was different. This was not in my plans today to complete this mission today. God spoke to me and

on my lunch break I went and bought the items and delivered them after work. Such an amazing experience to serve the Lord.

i will continue to keep John in my daily prayers and I will continue to check on him to make sure he is doing ok and I will continue to encourage him

to lead his life in faith of the Lord. Amen! Today was an awesome day!



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