These penguins are into the holiday spirit of Christmas

spirit of Christmas

penguins Christmas

Penguins are some of the most unique animals we have on earth. Based purely on their character alone, they are loved by people worldwide.

Penguins are birds that can swim with their wings and tail and can walk upright with their webbed feet. The feathers on their wings are almost scaled

like and do not drag them down while swimming. Many people love to see the penguin exhibits at world zoos, but Japan has just a little bit

more to offer its visitors.
Matsue Vogel Park, an aviary park in Japan’s Shimane Prefecture on the Sea of Japan, holds a daily penguin walk where the

colony (that’s what you call a group of penguins!) shows off its waddles. The penguins are only knee-high to their trainer and they love their walk time.
Down a paved path, they waddle without much misbehaving. The walker gently keeps them on their path, all the while, visitors are walking with them.

The visitors love this part of the zoo visit. With a total of six penguins walking, the visitors can take pictures, video, and communicate with t

these little visions of cuteness. Visitors can also feed the birds, bonding, and laughter to complete the march of the penguins.

To go one step further, the zoo allows the penguins to participate in the Christmas spirit! Each penguin is dressed in a little Santa Claus costume during

the holidays. The penguins are dressed in red capes that are trimmed in white and have a small, gold bell in the front. Now when the penguins waddle along,

they have a little bell that chimes with them. Penguins in Santa costumes ringing out jingle bells as they walk.
One man who visited the zoo, Tristan Junker, described his visit, “Isn’t this one of the cutest things you have ever seen!?” Junker wrote.

“When visiting the Vogelpark in Matsue one does not only discover various exotic birds but can also feed and take pictures with them. We were especially

excited about the penguin show!”
It is Junker who has shared these beautiful Christmas penguins with the world. He videoed his experience in Japan and posted it to his Facebook page

\and it instantly went viral. People of the world couldn’t get over these cute Santa Claus penguins.
In the spirit of Christmas, Japan zoo takes the award for cuteness. The penguins themselves are lucky to be in this home where they are so well taken

care of and adored. Hats off to the Santa Claus penguins for giving us all a look at what happy memories can be made at Christmas.