This Baby Miraculously Revives From a 15 minutes of being Dead, Mother Cries For Being So Thankful!

Becoming a mother is the absolute greatest feeling in the world, it is the most rewarding and hardest job you will ever do.

The high and lows with parenting are extreme. Becoming a mother changes your life with the amount of responsibilities you instantly take on.

Becoming a mother isn’t an easy job, 9 months of long pregnancy, and keeping yourself healthy during pregnancy is so essential for the health

of your developing baby. There is no drinking, smoking, you avoid second hand smoke; you exercise and ensure you get proper sleep for your growing baby.

Everything you do during your pregnancy is detrimental to the health of your newborn.

Staying fit and active during pregnancy is critical during pregnancy, not only for you, but for the health of your baby too. Exercise is the best

cure for reducing stress, controlling your weight, improving your circulation, it boosts your mood and even regulates your sleep patterns.

Excellent choices of exercise for pregnant women include Pilates, yoga, swimming and walking.

This young mother who took the upmost care of herself during her pregnancy, she never thought that the pregnancy of 9 months lasted 15 minutes dead,

but then to come back to life.

Thank you for posting beautiful video : Juan Daniel C. Rodriguez

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