This baby outshines his father in a duet!

It’s not that extraordinary to see a parent singing to their lovely little babies; however, it’s slightly more unusual to see a wee one

that steals the stage from his seat perched in his high-chair.  Dad starts singing to his son who is happily seated with all eyes on dad.

He has pearly whites that are all showing when he smiles happily as his father first starts belting out the Star Spangled Banner.  I’m not so sure

how many parents sing their country’s national anthems to their children, but it for sure seems to be this child’s favorite.

“Ohhhhh, say can you see, by the dawn’s early light?” The baby’s face lights up like it’s Christmas.  He instantly becomes animated and filled with joy.

Everything about his little face is adorned with love for his father and this song that is filling the air with glee.  He tries to join in with dad and

even though he’s singing mostly unintelligible words, he’s definitely got the enthusiasm and rhythm going on perfectly!

“O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?”  Baby boy is getting excited!  He is throwing his head back and mumbling through

words trying to carry his tune with daddy.  He has clearly heard this song more than a few times.  His delight is building further and stronger

as the song is almost at its crescendo!

“And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air!”  Up go the hands over his sweet, tiny, head and he is overcome with the melody

coming out of his daddy’s mouth.  He tries so hard to sing the song along with his father, but his development prevents him from doing so clearly.

It’s not his singing that gives this boy his stardom however; it is his unequivocal love of this song, this melody, the tune his daddy is singing.

On an otherwise quiet morning setting, in the kitchen, with a baby and his father, the sounds of song and love meander through the air like a

well-rehearsed show.  These moments help with the bonding that becomes unbreakable between parents and their children.  It seems as

though this father is well ahead of the game.  He has a joyful baby boy singing the national anthem for breakfast!