This hen does more than protect her eggs

Visiting a farm usually means you’re going to run into a chicken or two. Chickens can not only provide lots of eggs, they will also eat all of the scraps that would otherwise go to waste. They aren’t the most cuddly farm animals, but they are loving, as is proven by this momma hen. On a farm in New South Wales, there is a very special hen. She’s not like the other hens and usually plays the rebel for all her friends.

Among other things, she likes to break out of her henhouse and hang out with all the other animals and the farmer. One day when the farmer came to feed all the chickens as usual, he noticed that something wasn’t right. There was one hen that wasn’t in her place. He saw straight away that it was his special hen who always kept him company in the afternoons. She sat completely frozen in a different spot. He didn’t think much of it at the time and hurried on with his work.

Later that day, the farmer became aware that he hadn’t seen his special hen one time.  He went back to check on her and found her still sitting in the exact same place.  The farmer knew she couldn’t have laid her eggs alone, but she looked like she was incubating some. He went back to his chores, but still curious, he went back to check on her once again.  This time he got a little bit closer. He could tell she was protecting something under her wings, but he was sure it wasn’t eggs.

As he approached he finally saw what she was protecting, several small kittens. One of the nearby cats had recently given birth and like the good mother hen she was, the hen just wanted to keep them safe and warm. She had watched the kittens all day waiting for their mom to come back.

The hen had become a surrogate mother to the newborn kittens and did it with the loving care she would have guarded her own eggs with. It is an amazing thing to see animals loving and caring for other animals.  Kittens blessed by a hen, who would have ever thought?