Time Flies, Don’t Miss the Little Things

Time is something we can never get back, so learn not to waste your time on frivolous things that really don’t matter. I see so many people getting tied up into dramatic situations and relationships, and I just think to myself why? Life has so much to offer all of us, why get caught up in the petty things because when you do, you miss out on the little things that mean the most. Learn to make better use of your time, you will get more out of life and benefit so much more from what life gives you. Time flies, don’t miss the little things. Share my tips with your loved ones, everyone can benefit from this lesson!

1.) Do you repeat your mistakes or did you learn your lesson?

The key is to learn the lesson so you don’t repeat the same mistake twice, this is wasting time! Typically when mistakes are made, the lesson is learned and we grow from it.

 2.) Understand there is a difference between urgent and important.

Urgent means life and death, where important means requires your needs attention, there is a huge difference and both.

 3.) Do you allow other people to steal your precious time?

People are good at this, so pay attention! Value your time and space, time is valuable don’t let people take advantage of your time.

 4.) Do you remain productive while waiting on others?

Often times when waiting, we can lose a lot of time, continue to be productive during your wait, this way you aren’t losing time.

 5.) Do you help others instead of helping yourself?

It is nice to help others, but sometimes people take advantage of your kindness and as a result you neglected yourself.

 6.) How often do you procrastinate instead of act?

I feel many of us are guilty of this, however in this process; we waste so much time, just do it!

 7.) Do you put aside time for your loved ones?

Spending time with family should be on top of your list always, this is never wasted time and the memories should be treasured forever.

 8.) Do you realize if you can’t find the time, that it’s not important?

If it truly mattered to you, you’d find the time, don’t fret over it, noticing what is important in your life allows you to spend your time with people and things that do matter most to you.

 9.) Do you find yourself building or mending relationships?

Another eye opener! If you find you are continually mending and trying to fix your relations, then you more than likely are investing your time to the wrong people. Building relationships is key to successful life long relationships.

 10.) Admitting you’re wrong is the best time saver.

When we admit our faults to others, we save a lot of each others time. Admitting your faults speaks volumes about you as a person.

11.) Are you stressing over thing out of your control?

Learn to let go and move past this, you’re wasting your time and precious energy trying to fix or change things that are out of your control. Don’t waste your time, move passed this!

12.) Do you stress about tasks or accomplish tasks?

stressing wastes time and burdens your spirit, when in fact you’d feel better about yourself to accomplish what’s on your list to accomplish.

13.) Do you find yourself redoing things because you rushed to get it done the first time?

Slow down, take pride in your work and aim for the desired result. Rushing wastes your time twice, so always put forth your best effort the first time.

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