Time Management, Learn to Better Manage Your Time

Poor time management can have a huge impact on your productivity. We can learn to Better Manage our Time and in doing so we create a less stress

in our lives and actually live more productive lives.

Who’s guilty of hitting their snooze button one too many times in the morning? You possibly got a couple extra minutes of sleep, but your whole

day is thrown off; you skip breakfast, you’re in a rush to get to the office and you feel like you’re playing catch up all day. This is why it is so important

to have a plan in place and stick to it! Time Management boils down to having a plan, following your plan, being organized and in control of your life.


Effective Time Management Tips for Success

1.) We all need a plan of action, schedule in your priorities for the week from highest to lowest and divide them up amongst the days of the week.

Failure to do this, you’ve lost control and you’ll be rushing to make ends meet which causes undue stress in your life.

2.) Get into the habit of using a planner, you need to write down what your duties are for the week so you can refer back to it and cross off as completed.

Today we can use calendars on our smart phones so you’re always able to refer to your tasks while on the go.

3.) Learn to declutter; this includes your work space, your inbox, your task lists and also your life. You see that decluttering actually allows you to

reduce your stress and stay on top of your priorities and in turn you will start feeling more accomplished throughout your day/ week.

4.) Learn to successfully cut out your distractions, if you follow step 4 and actually declutter, you will be less distracted and the amount of time to complete

a task is reduced in half. When working on a task, make it a habit to mute your phone or put out of reach so you’re not easily distracted with text messages and

social media alerts.

 5.) Learn to keep your focus on what you’re dealing with at hand, keep your mind fresh and you will learn that you can accomplish more when you are

truly focused and engaged. It’s important that we learn to focus on what matters and shut out what doesn’t; this will help hold your focus.

6.) Don’t over commit yourself to anything; you’re just creating additional stressful situations that you can avoid by simply declining. This is why it’s

important to speak up and say I’m all booked this week but I can do this next week. This way you are still in control. Never take on more than you can handle;

again we want to keep stress at a minimum!

7.) When working with bigger projects; whether at home or the office, learn to tackle projects in steps. This way you allocate time each day to the

project and you’re not rushing last minute to tackle it all at once. This is learning to delegate your tasks and again being in control of your time management skills.

8.) Learn to stop multi tasking. This is such a major time waster as you really aren’t accomplishing anything and most generally just going in circles.

We’re more effective when we concentrate on one task at a time and we also are more accurate and have fewer mistakes.


As we learn to better manage our time with the tips provided above, you will find that you are feeling less stress, you’re not as overwhelmed,

and you feel you’re in control over your day. When we learn to schedule and are accountable for our time we have more productive days and are actually

rewarded with more free time for ourselves; which leads to a happier life!


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