Tips for Managing Depression – How to Lift Your Spirits

At some point in our lives, we all are going to battle phases of feeling down, or even deep depression. When struggling with depression, it is difficult to

hold onto hope that things will get better – but they will! My tips below are for managing depression and how to lift your spirits so you are able to

be happy and lead a fulfilled life again.

1.) Spending time with friends

Being with our friends is a great way to life our spirits and bounce back from depression. Make it fun, invite your friends over and watch a funny

movie together! Laughter is known to cure a hurt heart!

2.) boost your mood with chocolate

It is known that chocolate will put a smile on most everyone’s faces, indulge in your favorite desert at your favorite bakery shop, or cook up your own.

Anything that you can do to occupy your mind and enjoy what you’re doing is a great way to fight the blues away! And chocolate is known to boost your mood!

3.) Bubble bath 

Take a nice bubble bath with your favorite bath bombs, light some candles and relax in peace and allow your tensions to melt away. Music is an added

boost, soft mellow music in the background or whatever sooths you!

4.) Pamper yourself

Pamper yourself, this is not selfish by any means – it is absolutely necessary! Get yourself a massage, get a pedicure. Anything that you enjoy that makes

you feel good about yourself and makes you happy.

5.) Take a break

Take a break and get outside in the sunshine and enjoy the fresh air. Even if it is just sitting on your patio listening to the sounds of nature. Spending

time outside is known to be very therapeutic and is also a great stress reducer.

6.) Exercise 

Exercise is so important for us mentally and physically. Anything to get you moving and eliminating your pent up aggressions will have you feeling better

about yourself, and also is great for stress relief!

7.) Reading habits

Reading is also great because it keeps our mind off our worries. Visit your local book store and buy a new book. Also books on audio are amazing and

you are able to plug in while driving, exercising cooking etc.

8.) Meditation and praying are essential

Meditation and praying are essential to everyone. Try to make time of at least 20 minutes of your day to connect with your higher power. This is so important

and should become a part of your daily routine.

9.)  Learn to deal with our emotion

So many people suffer with depression because they hold onto their feelings and they are never dealt with on the surface. In order to heal, we but learn to

deal with our emotions. If you don’t feel comfortable with talking to close friends or family, take time to journal and be expressive with your feelings. In doing so,

you are at least getting your emotions out on paper and coming to terms with them. This is the biggest part of healing and freedom from depression.

10.) Take care of yourself

When dealing with depression, we must take care of ourselves, or we simply won’t get better. Daily self care, eating healthy and exercise is all essential for

anyone in order to find happiness again. I know it is hard and times might be difficult at the moment, however when you get up and try to help yourself and

do things that are good for your mind, body and soul, I promise you are on the right path to beating the depression you’re battling.



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