Top 10 Tips For Self Improvement

Are you looking to evolve into a better person? Below you will find my Top 10 Tips to help improve your daily life, and begin feeling better about yourself.

I know we all have days where we feel we didn’t accomplish much, I’ve been there too! I’ve learned that just tweaking a few things in your daily routine will make all the difference in your life!

Try making some small changes everyday, and each week set some new goals for you. A great way to get started is to use a journal, if you don’t get something done that is on your list, try again tomorrow – what matters is effort and that you are trying!  It is really easy once you get going, the results will be considerable and you’ll feel much better as a person!

 Let’s get started!


 1.) Start your day on the right foot!

Who skips their breakfast? Such a bad habit! This is so important; we need to take care of our bodies in order to be functioning well. Set your alarm 30 minutes early each day. Take time to enjoy a well balanced breakfast. We need a good source of protein to get our busy day started. This is also a great time to spend time as a family, before parting ways for the day!


If you really want to jump start your morning routine, set the alarm 45 minutes early to allow yourself time for a quick jog, take the dog for a walk, jump rope, these are so many added benefits to your mental and physical being, if you just take the time to do it!


2.) Stick to a schedule; get into a “normal” routine!

As I mentioned above, using a journal is a great way to start implementing a new daily routing. I suggest taking time on Sunday evening and in your journal, write what you’d like to accomplish each day for that week. This task shouldn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes of your time, and it will be so worth it! Not only are you being organized, but you’re also accomplishing what you’ve set out to do! And it feels good to do good!  There will be times that we can’t get to everything on your list, and that’s okay! Move it to tomorrow, don’t beat yourself up over it!


3.) Make time for you, you deserve this!

Life is hectic, work, kids, family, housework, etc. It all adds up, believe me I get this! Don’t overwhelm yourself and cause undue stress in your life! Make time for you, you work hard everyday, you most defiantly are deserving of a break! Take the family to a movie together, spend some time alone, get a pedicure, play a round of golf with your buddies! I can’t emphasize enough how important this is. Try it, when you come back from your “break”, you will be refreshed and stress free.


4.) Be Kind and Generous to others! 

Being kind and generous to another human being is honestly the easiest thing to do! There are numerous ways to be kind and generous to others, and it honestly makes you feel good as a person! A warm smile, a kind gesture, a nice compliment; being kind and generous doesn’t revolve around money! Offer your time to help another in need, the list is endless, and the best thing about this simple step in your lives is that kindness and generosity will always come back to you! How wonderful is that?!


5.) Learn to accept what you cannot change

This step is hardest for most. We all want everything to be smooth; sometimes it isn’t always that way. Things will come up in our daily lives that we don’t have control over. Many times people fall into deep depression, and we don’t want that for anyone. It is most important that we find positive ways to deal with stressful situations. Take a walk, do some deep breathing exercises, do yoga, learn to meditate, talk about your feelings with a friend or family member. Hard times don’t last forever, things will get better; it is important to follow the above steps/ suggestions so you aren’t causing so much extra stress in your lives, and the above mentioned steps will help you better cope during difficult times.


6.) Learn a second language

This may sound odd to most, however learning a second language actually helps you improve on your own English! For example I took Spanish in high school, and believe it or not, my Spanish class taught me more about grammar than my English class ever did. Plus learning a second language will possible increase your chances of traveling to a country where you can actually utilize your new learned language. Another really cool thing to learn is sign language. Think of the many times you’ve seen a deaf person and wanted to communicate; well now you’d be able to. Also what if the deaf person was in need of something? You being able to sign to them will make you feel good as a person!


7.) Patterns and breaking the chain!

We’re all human, were all are set in our daily routine. Doesn’t that get boring, the same thing day after day? Break it up, make small changes everyday to break up the monotony of your daily routine. This also doesn’t have to involve spending money! Plan family movie night or game night, schedule in time to go walk in the park, it truly is the simplest things in life that bring the most pleasure and also strengthens the family bond as a whole!

Also if you’re the type of person that never wants to venture out of your comfort zone, and try new things, I say at least give it a try! So many people miss out on so much that life truly has to offer! Perfect example is you don’t like Chinese Food, because you’ve never tasted it and it looks gross to you. Don’t put limits on your life, because you’re missing out! At least try it, then you can say you have!


8.) Facing fears head on

Again, this is another hard one for most. Everyday we all should try something that deep down we really don’t want to do or try, because we might feel uncomfortable. A good example is going to the gym. Possible you don’t want to go because everyone is looking at you. People are always worried about what others think of them. You’re living your life and making the best of it for you, not for them! Don’t worry about what others think of you. What matters most is that you are trying and truly, that’s all that counts! I also guarantee that once you keep doing something new, you will gain confidence, and in turn that will make you feel better as a person. So keep up the good work!!


9.) Goal Setting

Many people have mixed emotions on setting some simple achievable goals for themselves. I believe it is the best way to accomplish what you set out to do. As mentioned above the best way to achieve any goal is to journal. I say this because you’re able to track your progress and learn from it. It is also nice to look back in your daily journal and see how far you’ve come! Don’t set unrealistic goals that aren’t attainable, be realistic with yourself. Once you get into the grove of things, and some tougher goals that you’d love to accomplish and watch yourself meet them!


10.) Procrastination!

To improve your life, you need to be consistent with yourself and what you’re doing day to day. It defiantly can be challenging in the beginning, but defiantly try your hardest to stay on track. If you have “goals” written in your journal, you should try your hardest to meet them. Again, there are times things come up and you’re not able to and that is okay! However don’t get into a bad habit of saying “Ill just not do that today”, especially when you’re capable of doing it, but you just don’t want to. I guarantee if you don’t procrastinate and actually accomplish what you’ve set out to do, you will feel so much better about yourself! Try your hardest to stay on track, if you slip, get back up and start over. You’ve got this!


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