Is It True Love, Or Fake Learn To Know The Difference

 There is a huge difference between true love and lust or fake love; and it’s important to learn the difference for the protection of your own heart

and emotions. When we fall in love with another person, it is deep; tender and beyond that love is sacrifices to make the other person happy.

You are truthful, honest and don’t keep secrets from one another, you are emotionally, physically and mentally compatible with one another;

you are best friends as well as lovers.

Signs of True Love
  1. True love is always open and honest, even when upset with one another.
  2. True love always gives from the heart.
  3. True love is forgiving.
  4. True love is appreciating who you are.
  5. True love is romantic intimacy.
  6. True love resolves conflicts.
  7. True love lets go of hurts.
  8. True love listens.


With true love, you will be aware of your partner’s faults and are able to accept some imperfections. You are supportive and encourage each others

interests as well as identity, you take time to listen and understand one another and their point of view.


With fake love or lust, there are many red flags that we should notice early on and remove our self from the relationship, because you must understand

you cannot change a person and it is not healthy to involve yourself with a toxic relationship.

Signs of Fake Love                       

  1. Fake love is not honest; it is playing games and messing with your partners emotions, often manipulating emotions in order to take the upper hand in the relationship.
  2. Fake love is not giving; it only desires certain things from the relationship.
  3. Fake love does not forgive, it seeks revenge.
  4. Fake love does not appreciate you for who you are; rather they will try to change you.
  5. Fake love is not romantic, they only want and desire sex from you.
  6. Fake love does not try to resolve conflicts; they try to prove they are right.
  7. Fake love doesn’t let go of hurts; they harbor resentment.
  8. Fake love never listens; they only talk only wants things their way.


With fake relationships, it will be apparent to you as you’ll notice these red flags; you will have feelings of uncertainty and can even feel depressed.

It is essential for the sake of your own being to remove yourself from this type of relationship early on. Allow yourself time to heal from the emotional ride

you’ve been put through and learn to be more aware when entering you next relationship. Don’t blame yourself for a relationship that didn’t work out,

most likely it is for you own good. Never rush anything, if it is right, it will develop; if not learn for the lesson and allow it to strengthen your soul.


True love is sharing a connection between one another that cannot be broken, and over time the connection will grow stronger than you’ve ever

experienced before. Your love for one another will be so deep, strong and complex; you will know this is true love.

When two people are meant to be, nothing and no one can end them and this is the beauty of true love.


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