The Ultimate Guide: How to Become More Creative Day by Day

We are all born as creative individuals, but we lose our ability to see things in a new light somewhere along the way. Unfortunately, our schooling system suppresses our creativity. So, by the time we are adults we are wondering where our creativity disappeared . Don’t worry because there are ways you can bring your creativity back. Just follow the tips from this article.

What is creativity?

Most of us have the same idea about what creativity really is. It is coming up with new ideas or finding new angles in every situation. Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. The richer your life experiences , the more ideas you can generate.

Signs you’re a creative person

There are very interesting signs that suggest if you are more or less creative person. For example if you like to wear eccentric clothes, you are more successful and creative than those who stick to plain colors and forms of clothes. Also those who stay up late and get up late are more likely to be more creative than those who wake up early and go to bed early. In general, more creative people tend to see the world differently and are able to see myriad of possibilities and shades of gray.

Can we train ourselves to be more creative?

If you can understand the concept of creativity: the ability to unite 2 or more experiences and that creativity is a skill that can be learned and mastered, you can surely train yourself to be a more creative person.

It is quite simple : If you force yourself to see the world in a different light and commit to becoming a better problem-solver, you will certainly become more creative and push yourself out of the comfort zone.

How to largely boost your creativity

So, how to start and restore your creativity?

  • First, you can try a two-word exercise that will remind you how amazing you are at making new associations between 2 concepts
  • Appreciate the work of others : Listen to inspiring music, read a book or visit an art exhibition
  • Write down what are you afraid of and how would you deal with it. Fear can be a huge obstacle to trying out new things. For instance, if you are afraid of other people labeling you “foolish” for trying to be more creative, remind yourself that you can always choose to hang out with more positive people instead!
  • Travel as much as you can. It is an investment in yourself that brings you a lot of new experiences and new points of view.
  • Switch things up at home: try a new kind of food, take up a new hobby …
  • Use your negative experiences as a basis for creative expressing. Did you know that some of the greatest artwork has emerged from great sadness and suffering? After you identify your negative emotions divert them away from you.
  • Find a creative activity you will enjoy: dance, paint, write. Do whatever fulfills you and makes you happy

Remind yourself that nobody is perfect and don’t judge yourself. Work on your progress and self-development as a more creative person and your quality of life will improve inevitably. You will feel more accepting of your true, creative self.

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