Understanding Karma

For many, people believe that we will suffer Karma because of something bad that we did or said in our past. Karma doesn’t mean bad or revenge of something negative. Karma itself means action; in other words, what we do now in our daily lives will come back to us in some way. If you do good, good will come to you, just as if you to bad, you will attract bad. We can relate Karma to the quote “You reap what you sow.” There are several things about Karma, which you probably don’t know, which leads us to Understanding Karma.


  1. Karma is cause and effect, meaning for everything we do there is an effect on another. Naturally Karma teaches us a lot in life, it teaches us how to be gentle with another person and the effect on them, as a result, Karma teaches us how to love, because Karma teaches us how to bring more love into any negative situation, which in turn creates good karma.
  2. Karma is equal and applies to everyone! You will learn that Karma always creates justices which will free from many emotions; whether being angry, sad, hurt or negative about anything.
  3. We apply Karma into our daily life through the focus of our attitude as well as our thoughts. We will get what we agree to deserve through our thoughts and our emotions and the actions in our lives.
  4. Karma truly is about learning. We all learn through our mistakes in life. If we fail to see our mistakes in life as stepping stones to growth, we will continue to deal with the same Karma in our lives.
  5. Our intention in our heart teaches us so much about Karma. Everything we do, or speak, or act upon is all revolving around how Karma judges you. Karma will always lead you to your purpose and higher enlightenment of your life.
  6. Karma will always catch up with you, as it is a balancing act. It can take several years or simply a few several hours to be realized.
  7. There is no instant Karma. We can continually wish for things to come, or to happen for us, and they just never appear, this could actually be from Karma which we created long ago; so it is best just to stay happy with a relaxed mind!
  8. There is no fate or destiny to Karma; it can be changed; meaning we can change our actions with patience, which purifies negative Karma.
  9. For many, we understand Karma; however we can’t overcome our bad habits that are creating negative Karma in our lives. We can learn not to become angry with ourselves or even depressed when these habits overcome us, we can learn to remain relaxed and practice purification.
  10. If you already believe that negative actions cause suffering within our lives and positive actions lead to happiness in our lives, then you already believe in Karma.


In order to become overcome the Karma in our lives, we must identify the Karma in our lives, learn to sever to toxic ties and learn to take responsibility. The more you learn to understand how Karma works, the more amazed you will become!



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