When Love is Not Enough

So many people idealize love, like it is the cure to all life’s problems that we’re faced with. I see so many couples that have recently just met,

yet they claim their love for one another. I see more and more that couples are on this “emotional high” and what they fail to see is that at the surface

and deep down, they do not know their partner. I see more often and I hear more frequently that their “love” for one another will solve all their problems.

It won’t, because it’s not love to begin with.

Love is the most wonderful and rewarding experiences that life has to offer. However like any other experience, love can be healthy or unhealthy.

Love should not ever define you, your identity or your life purpose. You cannot allow love to consume your life, we must learn not to sacrifice our self worth

and identities to love; the moment we allow this to happen, we lose ourselves.

The Truth About Love 

1-) Does love equal compatibility? The answer is NO! I say this because being compatible in a relationship is a huge factor. It is most important to recognize

that love is an emotional process; where compatibility is a logical process. When dating, don’t go searching only with your heart; bring your mind. Pay close

attention to this persons values, how he treats others close to him/ her, what are his goals and ambitions? If you fall in love with someone whom is not

compatible with you, the relationship will typically fail before it gets started. Don’t set yourself up for unneeded heartache.

2.) Love will not solve any of your problems, so please get this theory out of your head. I see so many couples having numerous arguments, because one

person didn’t like what the other did or said, and then the next day I see these same couples back together because they make up and remind one another

how much they love each other. While in fact their love made them feel as if everything was ok, but in reality, nothing was solved. The arguments continued

and were getting worse. These couples had no sense of how to communicate effectively amongst each other. And they still believed their love would solve

everything. It was becoming a vicious cycle, which was most unhealthy for both involved.

3.) Never sacrifice your self worth for another. It is normal in any relationship to on occasion sacrifice their own desires in life; this is what make’s relationships

thrive and become stronger. It is different when you begin sacrificing your own self respect, your dignity, your passion and your purpose. If you find yourself

in a relationship where it is demanding, verbally, mentally or physically abusing, you are allowing love to consume you. In healthy true loving relationships,

you would see that your partner is supplementing you self worth and identity; never to replace it.


Never ignore any of the fundamentals that make up love such as respect, humility and commitment, it’s important to see that healthy relationships

require more emotions, not passion. As mentioned above, you and your partner should be best friends. Would you allow your partner’s behaviors in your

best friend? The answer should be “NO” so don’t allow your partner to treat you any less.






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