Why Do People Lie

We were all raised growing up with the saying “Honesty is the best policy” too bad that people don’t carry this with them throughout

their lives! Did you know that statistics show 70% of adults is not able to carry a 10 minute conversation without lying? For most, lying has

become something they do on a daily basis; and many people are also known to believe their lie as they are telling it! Why do people lie,

isn’t it easier just to tell the truth?


People lie for many reasons, these are the most common


1.) Many people lie to make themselves look better as a person than they actually are. They talk themselves up, weather it’s a new job,

college degrees and  people will even will lie when entering a new relationship.

2.) People lie in order to get out of trouble. They are known to continually make up more lies to prove their “innocence”. People are also

known to lie to their physicians in regards to following their health plan.

3.) People also lie to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. More often than not, people will ask an opinion and they lie in order to give their

honest thoughts as they are afraid to hurt the others feelings.

Some people tell lies which are harmless; others are more costly and can completely damage a relationship. Many people have learned to tell

lies in order to gain control of a situation; to get the desired outcome.


There are several indicators which can help you spot a liar

1.) You can learn to pick up on the person’s behavior; there will generally be a delay in their response when an immediate response

would be expected. Liars are also known to clear their throats prior to responding.

2.)  When people are lying, they also become more anxious which causes hand to face activity; people are also known to blush in their face

and even at times go pale.

3.) Another indicator of lying is people start displaying grooming or tidying behaviors, example would be straightening papers on the table,

and they do this because these distractions alleviate their anxiety of lying.

4.) Other sure tale signals of liars are the eyes; liars will avoid eye contact if at all possible. Liars are also known to speak without inflection and

also give rambling answers.


How to handle situations when you know you’ve been deliberately lied to

1.) You can simply play dumb – ask lots of questions to get as much detail as possible will force the liar to admitting the truth – without you having to call them out.

2.) Be straight forward and confront the liar! I suggest this not be done in a public setting as you never know the response you might get!

3.) Laugh it off; you’re are acknowledging the lie but giving the liar a chance to come clean and be up front an honest with you.

4.) Sometimes it is best to simply do nothing and reevaluate you friendships and do some soul search to ensure they are even worth having a part of your life.

If they’ve lied once, chances are they will lie again and again.


In my personal opinion, when someone lies to you, it is simply because they do not respect you enough to be honest and worse than that, they think you’re

too stupid to not notice the difference.