Here is Why Some People Cry During Movies – They Are Actually The Strongest People!

For many, we can’t hold back the tears, regardless if were at home or at the movie theater. We ball our eyes out when Mufasa dies in the Lion King – that

was actually heartbreaking!   So many people believe that crying is a sign of weakness, and if your friends catch you crying, you might catch a lot of grief

from them!


Typically people who cry at movies are more than likely empaths. You actually feel what the character is feeling emotionally, you can actually place yourself in the characters shoes and are able to view a different reality, perhaps at times more difficult and trying than our own issues. This doesn’t make you weird because you care about the character! This means you are emotionally strong and your heart is even able to bounce back at the end of the movie.


For many, possibly the movie plot reminds them of a similar circumstance that you’ve dealt with in your own life, causing painful memories, which make the tears start to flow.


On the other hand, many other people are sociopaths and narcissists, and are born without empathy. They only think of themselves and never consider other peoples feelings. So of course they’ll never shed a tear because they are empty when it comes to any emotion!


Don’t let people try to bring you down by your tears! Crying is a natural part of human nature; you should never be shameful or even embarrassed for crying. It is actually healthy to let the flood gates open!


Crying about a movie character actually reveals a lot about the type of person you are. It takes a lot of strength to care about others, especially a fictional character! hen you empathize with the pain others are going through, it shows you are able to care about the pain of others, and be strong for them as well.


Movies were made to have an impact on us, to reach our emotions. When we watch movies that are highly emotional, it naturally releases oxytocin, which engages our neurotransmitter in our brains. Naturally, oxytocin helps us connect with humans and as a direct result, compels us to be more empathic, trusting, and loving people. So you see, crying during movies is never a bad thing – it simply is making you stronger and more empathetic!

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