Woman wakes up when life support is unplugged

  • Brain dead miracles

Steven wasn’t expecting to see his mother lying unconscious on the floor when he walked in his home.  His mother, Lyndee, was only 45 years old when he had to call 911 from their Arizona home.  Lyndee was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, but when she arrived, the doctors were helpless to do anything because they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. Lyndee was surrounded by her family as she suffered through repeated seizures and remained unconscious. After five days, she lapsed into a coma and was put on life support.  Her husband Steve, daughter Amanda, and son Steven watched helplessly for the next twelve days while no progress or diagnosis was made. Doctors advised the family that it may be time to consider removing her from life support.  This is a daunting decision that no family wants to have to make about a loved one.  This case was a little bit different, however, because Lyndee was adamant about becoming an organ donor.  She had talked openly and honestly about it with her family.  At this point in time her organs were starting to show signs of damage and time would be an important factor as to whether she would be an organ donor or not.

Her family decided that it would be Lyndee’s wish to carry out her desire to be an organ donor before it was too late.  “My family knows I am an avid organ donor so when my organs started to fail, they made the decision — it was time to make that decision,” Lyndee would later explain. The family gathered at the hospital and one by one they had private time with Lyndee to say goodbye.  What the family didn’t know was that Lyndee could hear them.  She wasn’t brain dead, she was in a condition called locked in, where the patient’s mind is working fine but their ability to move or communicate in any way has been removed. “I remember people talking to me,” Lyndee recalled. “I remember when people came to visit, my niece reading to me.”

Lyndee’s husband was the last one who was going to say goodbye, and he whispered to his wife: “You’re a fighter. I need you to fight.” Lyndee was aware of what was going on around and her and knew she needed to speak up to save her own life, but she was unable to do so. “In my head, it was very clear what I was saying, but it wasn’t to them,” she explained. And she wanted so badly to stay that she was finally able to get a few words out.“I’m a fighter,” Lyndee whispered. Her family was shocked. Stunned, Steve quickly went to get the doctor.“My husband said, ‘She is doing everything you said she wouldn’t do,’” Lyndee recalled. Nothing short of a miracle was occurring.  Lyndee was awake and talking against all odds that the doctors had given her. They had just turned off the life support, but instead of dying, Lyndee woke up.  She was awake, aware, and talking. “I looked at her, and she just says, ‘Hi,’ and I just fell to my knees,” Lyndee’s daughter Amanda recalled tearfully, when she described how she melted down after receiving the shock of her life.

Lyndee eventually left the hospital but had a long recovery ahead of her.  She had to learn to walk and feed herself again and had four surgeries.  Once she was released, she had home healthcare to help her continue learning how to function again.  No cause or diagnosis has ever been given. Lyndee and her family have one message they want to make sure gets around as a result of their experience, keep talking to your loved ones even if they’re in a coma, there’s a good chance they can hear you.