According to a royal specialist, Kate Middleton will only meet Prince Harry on this one requirement

Since he and Meghan Markle left the royal family a large number of years ago, Prince Harry has only made a few trips to the UK. During his most recent visit, which took place in February, the estranged Duke met briefly with his father, King Charles, after which Camilla allegedly asked him to depart. Since the coronation in May of last year, Harry has not had the opportunity to meet either Kate Middleton or his brother, Prince William.


With every interview, television show, or book that Harry and Meghan Markle have published, their standing with the royal family has gotten worse. Many have claimed that they will never be able to make reparations, particularly the Sussexes and the Welsh, because there have been too many claims and discoveries made regarding Harry and Meghan’s lives as royalty.

Harry and William were harmed by Kate Middleton’s friendship with Meghan Markle in addition to them. Harry and Meghan were allegedly hoping to patch things up after learning of the Princess of Wales’ cancer diagnosis, but no one is sure how that would work. But it seems like Kate might be amenable to Harry and her getting back together—but with one caveat.

One of the most difficult tasks the royal family has faced in a very long time is currently underway. After being crowned in 2023, King Charles has been in office for a year. However, this year’s expected fresh start was ruined by two depressing remarks.

Harry’s homecoming “may just give a clue,” according to Seward, in an interview with the Mirror, about the true state of affairs within the royal family and his connection to the Firm.

A meeting with William, according to the royal expert, is “unlikely.” “It is highly unlikely Harry will see his brother after the insults Harry lobbed at him and Kate in print,” she said to the Mirror.

William doesn’t need the stress; he already has plenty on his plate. But given how close they were before Kate’s cancer diagnosis, he likely realise Harry will want to see her.
Will she choose to stay in the background or does she have the stamina to start trying to mend the split between the brothers? “If the King asks, she will do it,” Ingrid Seward said in her conclusion.

“But Charles, being the kind and understanding soul that he is, would be unlikely to ask such a favour from his beloved daughter-in-law.” It’s not the proper time, yet the time must come.