Following claims that his son Barron Trump, 17, has received death threats, Donald Trump responds:

The Trump family is treading on dangerous ground. On September 26, a New York judge determined that the former president had repeatedly overstated his wealth by hundreds of millions of dollars, which will most likely have an impact on his children. This includes Barron Trump, his youngest child, who is said to be carrying on his father’s heritage.

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The Trumps moved to their Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida after the 2022 election, when Joe Biden won the presidency. Barron started a new school, and until a few weeks ago, little was known about him.

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The youngster has recently received death threats. Donald Trump has decided to disclose Barron’s life in public.

Barron Trump, 17, is the youngest child of an influential businessman and a former American president, but his life has been kept extremely private. However, the media quickly learned of his birth, and in fact it was even his father who broke the news.

She refused to speak publicly about the case or the mug shot in front of people she knew. When she feels like it, she will deal with this and everything else in an open manner, the individual continued. Keep in mind Melania has a little son to protect. Another issue to sort through is the mug shot that everyone is talking about.

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Melania Trump was most last seen in New York a few weeks ago. She is most likely hiding for a very crucial and frightening reason.

A Chicago woman was arrested in mid-August on charges of making threats against Barron and Donald Trump. The social studies lecturer was arrested on accusations of making threats to hurt or murder the former president and his son.

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It occurred barely a few months after she allegedly traveled to Florida to stalk Barron. According to the Chicago Tribune, the woman was questioned by police in Palm Beach in March outside the Oxbridge Academy.

According to The Guardian, the anonymous head of a school in southern Florida’s Palm Beach County, which includes Mar-a-Lago, got the death threat by email.

In an email received in May, the woman said, “I promise that I will shoot Donald Trump Sr and Barron Trump straight in the face at every chance I get!”

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A senior law enforcement officer told CBS that the woman had been “on the U.S. Secret Service’s radar for several years.” “Her threats have escalated to become more specific” during the past few days.

A senior law enforcement source noted, “Her family has expressed concerns to law enforcement about the potential for violence.” She has been struggling with her mental health for a long time and recently admitted to stopping her prescribed medication.

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