He has a strong reaction to the trolls who have criticised him for kissing his little son on the lips

Tom, an Englishman, never passes up the chance to show his small son Roman how much he loves him. However, some individuals were not pleased when the couple’s public shows of affection started to trend on social media.

The father from North England is being attacked by trolls who claim he confused his five-year-old kid by kissing him on the lips. Despite this, he is refusing to back down. With a great deal of humour and some basic reasoning, the father is fighting back, and Roman is behind him, telling the scary users, “You are all crazy!”


A parent-child relationship is charming and strong, supporting the morals, values, and personalities of the young ones as they develop. Every parent raises their children in a different way, with some methods affected by culture, finances, mental and physical health, or personal preference.

Tom, an English man from Yorkshire, is a loving and committed father of two who won’t let trolls’ hurtful remarks affect his parenting style.

The father, who often uploads videos to TikTok, attracts a lot of attention from ladies who marvel over his accent, icy blue eyes, well-defined figure, and tattoos. They also show their affection for his boys, Roman, age 5, and Raphael Reign, born in mid-May 2023.

In several of the films that Tom now posts on TikTok, he responds to claims that he is confusing Roman and endangering the young child from infections or strangers. But Tom isn’t going to give up.


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After seeing a user’s comment on June 27, the father from northern England responded, “Just gorgeous both but don’t kiss him on the lips.”

Tom said that as long as he was allowed, he would keep showing his five-year-old son affection. “I find it concerning that it bothers you,” Tom remarks. My five-year-old kid and I will have lip kisses for as long as I feel like it and as long as he allows me to. I love him so much and he’s my best friend, but eventually he won’t want me to and probably won’t want to spend much time with me. I will thus continue as I am for the time being.

Supporting comments like “Love kisses with my kids and now my granddaughter–the people who think it’s wrong are the worry xx” were poured in from fans. Someone another, who had lost her father, exclaimed, “Very absurd! My dad and I always shared a kiss on the lips, and now that he’s gone, two years ago, I wish I could hug and kiss him once more. “He is the most loving little boy and it’s because we raise him with love,” Tom wrote in response to the insightful remarks. I appreciate your remarks.

However, the parent quickly responded with a video after receiving an absurd claim from one person. “You shouldn’t kiss him because of the bacteria in your mouth,” the writer writes. Did you know that your child’s susceptibility to cavities can increase if you have them and kiss them.

Tom shares a clever post with nearly 123,000 likes that says, “Wow. I’m afraid my five-year-old son will get cavities if I kiss him on the lips. The kisses from his father will give him cavities. Then Tom turns to face Roman, asking him what he believes. The boy laughs and responds, “Don’t be silly!” before kissing his father on the lips.

Regarding the unfounded rumour that Tom kissing Roman might result in cavities, fans had a lot to say. “OMG, who taught that individual?One person writes, “You kiss away you two,” and another says, “That is so ridiculous…and I work (with or as) a dentist.” Continue being the devoted father you are. Son is quite adorable.

Tom shared a now-viral video of himself in the car with Roman on his lap at the beginning of July. Be at ease, Tom urges in the nearly 579,000-like post. Nothing at all is going to change. “Roman, what do you think of people that think you shouldn’t kiss me on (the) lips?” he asks his son. “All of you are insane. That’s my father there! Roman says firmly. The couple kisses sweetly as the video comes to a conclusion.

One fan says, “Some people are just sick he is adorable and would soon tell ya when he gets older if he didn’t like it.” Others joined in to support the parent and the purpose of his post. “In my culture, we kiss on the cheeks, but I really love that father-son relationship,” says another. Speaking to the trolls of the Yorkshire father, a user chimed in, “Do you find it offensive that he kissed him on the lips just because he is a man? Because you wouldn’t, I’m sure, if this were his mother.


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In response, Tom adds, “I have genuinely been real interested to know this because it is something I have thought as well. Thank you to the woman for bringing the important message to light.” Sincerely, I don’t think anything would have been said if a mother had been kissing a young child.I don’t know why, but whenever a man or a father gives his young son a kiss, something always seems to be uttered. It’s always this strange minority, though. “I really appreciate that it’s a woman saying this as well, so that’s great,” he continues, “and I’m not changing anything.”

In a another video, the father responds to a comment implying that the boy may become more susceptible to predatory strangers because of the adorable kisses, and he seems clearly frustrated. “Fact: Never kiss your kids on the lips. Do you understand what I mean when I say that not all people have the best of intentions? Make it not acceptable!The author stated,

“The logic here is, if I kiss my five-year-old, he will think that he can go off and it’s okay to kiss strangers, strange adults—obviously,” Tom joked in response. Refusing to laugh, he went on, “Now let’s use that reasoning. He might hop into a stranger’s car and believe that’s normal, therefore I can’t drive him anywhere anymore. He can’t stay in my house any more, yet he might enter the home of a stranger and assume it’s normal.

The loving father then suggested an alternative course of action: “Or we could, now hear me out, we could… teach him that kissing his parents is natural, but kissing cute people is not Barry descending the road is a bit weird “

Most members of his online community are supportive of Tom and laud over the love he provides his baby. We’re glad to see that Tom doesn’t back down from internet bullies who have no right to advise him on how to raise a child!