In a sad twist of fate, we say farewell to a true legend of the silver screen.

In a somber turn of circumstances, we bid farewell to a great film icon. Bill Hayes, the iconic actor who starred as Doug Williams on the enduring soap opera ‘Days of Our Lives,’ died peacefully at the age of 98, according to People magazine.

Hayes brought Doug Williams to life for more than half a century, cementing his place in television history. It was a job that grew synonymous with the Williams-Horton family, and it remains a pillar of the show’s long history.

A representative for the series revealed the heartbreaking news, saying, “With heavy hearts, we share the loss of our dear Bill Hayes.” He created the character of ‘Doug Williams’ in 1970 and played him without interruption throughout his life.”

A key figure in television history

Ken Corday, the executive producer of ‘Days of Our Lives,’ lovingly remembered Hayes as a key character in the show’s rich tapestry. Corday stated, “Bill was not just an actor; he embodied the heart and soul of ‘Days of Our Lives.’” Though we mourn and will miss him deeply, Bill’s tenacious legacy will live on in our hearts and the stories we continue to tell, both on and off screen.”

Bill Hayes celebrated his incredible 98th birthday last summer, accompanied by his co-stars on the set. The occasion was honored with a personalized cake topped with a youthful portrait of the actor and the emotional greeting, “Happy Birthday, Bill.”

His adored wife, Susan Seaforth-Hayes, a television legend, also attended the festivities. During the festivities, the pair enjoyed a touching moment when Susan revealed that Bill Hayes was the first person to sing on daytime television, a significant milestone in the medium’s history. The cast and crew serenaded him with “Happy Birthday,” demonstrating the affection and respect he commanded among his colleagues.

“Days Of Our Lives” Star Dies At The Age Of 98

The pair thanked the “Days of Our Lives” family for celebrating Hayes’ 98th birthday on the set that had become his second home in a moving video that was shared with fans on their shared Instagram account.

A Legacy Extending Beyond Television

Bill Hayes was honored with the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018 for his outstanding performance as Doug Williams on “Days of Our Lives.” However, his efforts went beyond the screen, since he first met Susan Seaforth-Hayes on the set of the program. Their July 1970 on-screen kiss developed into a real-life romance that ended in marriage in October of that same year. To honor their love, the couple married again on October 1, 1976, much like their screen counterparts.

Bill Hayes leaves a wonderful legacy that fans and colleagues will cherish. His son, William Foster Hayes IV, continues his father’s amazing acting history.

As we bid farewell to this beloved star, we reflect on the lasting impression he made on ‘Days of Our Lives’ and in the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide. Bill Hayes, a true icon, will live on in our minds and on our televisions.

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