King Charles’ audacious plan for Prince Louis: He may follow in his grandfather’s footsteps with the royal shake-up.

When it comes to parenting, Kate and William do everything they can to give their children a normal childhood, as much as is feasible given that Prince George will one day become King.

Prince Louis, the youngest of their children, is one of the most endearing little boys who never misses an opportunity to make the world laugh with his funny looks at royal events. Most of his images showing him ‘misbehaving,’ such as those from his grandfather’s public birthday celebration, where he was shown holding a sneeze, trying not to laugh loudly, or just responding to a terrible scent, amuse the audience.

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His parents ensure that Louis is treated tenderly. “Louis is the baby of the family, so William and Kate are gentler with him. “They don’t want to break his little spirit,” a source told OK! Magazine.

“Louis is quite the handful,” the person continued. “William and Kate try their best to teach him proper behavior, but they recognize how tiring these events can be for a child. They are similar to other parents with small children in this way. It makes them more relatable to the general populace.

“They gently admonish him when he gets out of hand because he’s got to learn,” the insider stated. “William and Kate are aware that making faces will no longer be ‘cute.'” Hopefully Louis will outgrow it.

According to royal experts, Louis and his sister Charlotte will continue to have royal roles as time goes on, but Louis will most likely be a ‘private citizen’ rather than a full-time working royal, similar to his father’s cousins Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, and Zara Tindall, who have frequently participated in larger royal events in recent years but are not considered full-time working royals.

“George, Charlotte, and Louis, who had starring roles in the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June last year, are being raised by their parents with an understanding of their positions and the roles they will one day carry out in support of the monarchy,” royal author and expert Katie Nicholl wrote in her book The New Royals.

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“George understands that, like his papa, he will one day be king, but Charlotte will most likely balance the responsibility of being the spare with a profession. Louis may be a private person who performs occasional royal tasks, like William and Harry’s Cousins Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips, as well as Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

But it turns out that Louis’ grandfather, King Charles, has different plans for the young monarch.

Just days after Lilibet and Archie’s titles were formally published to the Buckingham Palace website, King Charles revealed another significant development in the Royal Family.

His younger brother, Prince Edward, also known as the Earl of Wessex, received a new title: Duke of Edinburgh.

The Palace issued a statement saying, “His Majesty the King has been pleased to confer the Dukedom of Edinburgh upon Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and Forfar, on the occasion of His Royal Highness’s 59th birthday.” Prince Edward will hold the title throughout His Royal Highness’s lifetime.

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“The Dukedom was last formed for Prince Philip in 1947, when he married Princess Elizabeth, who held the title of Duchess of Edinburgh before ascending to the throne in 1952. The new Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh are happy to carry on Prince Philip’s legacy of providing chances for young people from all backgrounds to attain their greatest potential.”

Prince Edward would keep the title for the remainder of his life. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip wished for him to have the title, which King Charles simply granted after their deaths.

According to the Mirror, the Duke of Edinburgh title cannot be inherited, therefore when Edward dies, it reverts to the monarch. Once that’s done, one of Kate and William’s children, Prince Louis, is expected to inherit it.

Before Edward received the title on his 59th birthday, King Charles declared his intention to pare down the monarchy and reduce the number of royal titles.

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“Charles’s charitable portfolio is being streamlined for when he is king, and this same forensic technique is being applied to how much and what the Royal Family does during his reign,” royal expert and author Richard Kay wrote for the Daily Mail. “It will undoubtedly shrink, which means fewer royals will be attending engagements.”

“Thus, the prince has been formulating ideas about working royals, their titles, and how they fit in with his vision of a modern Britain against the backdrop of a slimmed down monarchy.”

Kay went on, “Someone who knows Charles well informed me that the prince would rather have fewer royal titles than more… Charles may even want the Edinburgh title to belong to his own grandson, Prince Louis. The title was originally created by King George I for his grandson, Frederick. It was later restored by Queen Victoria for her second son Alfred and by George VI for Prince Philip.

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