On Mother’s Day, Michael J. Fox’s twin daughter gets married in a “picture perfect” ceremony

The 29-year-old daughter of Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan discovered the ideal method to honour her mother’s birthday. Aquinnah’s twin sister Schuyler dressed up for her fairytale wedding in the Catskills, exchanging vows on June 22—the day her mother turned 64.

Learn about Schuyler’s nuptials and Fox’s heartfelt birthday greetings to his 36-year wife by continuing to read.


Michael J. Fox, 63, and Tracy Pollan, 64, were paired as on-screen lovers in the popular television series Family Ties nearly forty years ago. “It was very arrogant,” Pollan remembers. “He was arrogant, but he was funny.” While the two were infatuated with one other, Pollan was dating Kevin Bacon, who began seeing Kyra Sedgwick in 1987—the same year he broke up with Pollan—and Fox was dating Nancy McKeon, the star of the comedy Facts of Life.

The Back to the Future actor and his current spouse reconnected on the Bright Lights, Big City set in 1988, while they were both unmarried. They seized the chance to tie the knot that same year. In 1989, Fox told People, “It sounds really horrible, but it was one of those things.” He goes on, making jokes about their relationship statuses, “Someone says, ‘Did you hear that so-and-so aren’t together anymore?'” And you think, “Well, that’s not good.” Is the phone here?

Sam Michael Fox was born on May 30, 1989, a few time after Pollan and Fox tied the knot. Fox was given a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis just two years later, and his devoted wife readily provided her with unwavering support.

Early in November 2023, the Teen Wolf actor talked about how his devoted wife has been his biggest supporter for 35 years on CBS Mornings. “Handling the certainty of the diagnosis and the uncertainty of the situation was the hardest part of my diagnosis,” Fox added. “I just knew things would worsen. While the progress was uncertain and indefinite, the diagnosis was certain.

My spouse explicitly stated that she will be by my side the entire time. The stars added twins, Aquinnah Kathleen and Schuyler Frances, born February 15, 1995, and Esmé Annabelle, born November 2001, despite the difficulties they were enduring.

“Always be available to your kids,” Fox advises other parents who are also parents. For example, if you say, “Give me five minutes, give me ten,” it will actually be fifteen or twenty. And whatever it was they wanted to impart with you will have faded by the time you arrive.

Pollan and Fox, who are empty nesters since their grown children have left the house, are content with their lives as it was 36 years ago. Alongside Aquinnah, Schuyler, and @SamFoxMJFF on a North Dakota path. Pic.twitter.com/SgPUq1V9Vx #TourdeFox — July 12, 2015, Michael J. Fox (@realmikefox) With the four kids not present to finish everything, Fox jokes, “We get more food.” “They’re not taking it all,” he continues. They are also beginning their own families. People revealed on June 24 that 29-year-old Schuyler wed her lifelong companion on Saturday, June 22, in the Catskill Mountains of New York.


A source close to the opulent wedding at Hayfield Catskills told People, “The weather was absolutely perfect, despite the heat wave.” It appeared to be a picture-perfect garden party as they ate under a tent. They appeared to be such a sweet, kind family.
Political analyst George Stephanopoulos, his comic girlfriend Ali Wentworth, and Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey were also present, according to the tipster. Geusts slept at the upscale mountain hotel Scribner’s Catskill Lodge and the quaint yet rustic Bluebird Hunter Lodge.

Former visitors include actress Olivia Wide and Rami Malek, who is best known for playing Freddie Mercury in the film Bohemian Rhapsody.

In addition, Pollan turned 64 on that day. While the girls avoid the spotlight and the parents haven’t discussed Schuyler’s marriage in public, Sam, now 35, sent his mother a sweet birthday letter that included a shout-out to his sister. “Happy birthday, Teep! I’m thrilled to be spending the day with you because I genuinely love you so much! ([Schuyler] don’t worry, your post will be up later),” he writes as the description for the picture in which he and his mother can be seen having a dance.

What a fantastic evening at the #FoxGala hosted by @michaeljfoxorg. We are grateful to our amazing friends that showed up to help us with our mission. I really appreciate what you do. We collectively raised $4 million to end Parkinson’s disease.

October 31, 2022, Michael J. Fox (@realmikefox) And Fox sent his devoted wife the cutest birthday greeting. “Tracey’s gorgeous day is beautiful in every aspect. The actor posted a black-and-white picture of Pollan on Instagram on Saturday along with the message, “I love you and today will be magnificent.” “With so much love, Mike, you will always be mine.

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