This Is What Happens If Your Nails Are Shaped Like A Half Moon

Have you seen a white half-moon shape starting at your nail beds when you look at your fingernails? It is, in fact, a crucial component of the nail.

The Latin term for “little moon” is “lunula,” and it refers to a small area that indicates a lot about your health in addition to being a built-in design feature.

Traditionally, lunula is used as a gauge of health in Chinese medicine. In actuality, the lunula’s state speaks volumes about your health.

A decrease in your health can be shown in the lunula’s appearance or in its complete absence. Additionally, your lunula reverts to its initial state once your health has been restored.


Eight to ten milky white lunulas on each hand, according to medical professionals, indicate that everything in your health is fine. The stronger the health, the whiter the lunula.

Typical Lunulae Typical Lunulae •

A person’s immunity, general health, and energy levels decrease with decreasing Lunulae levels. If your thumbs are the only parts of your body with Lunulae, you are physically weak and prone to illness.

Lunulae missing, nolunula •

According to one study, iron insufficiency, chronic renal failure, depression, thyroid or pituitary problems, and potential B-12 deficiency are among the systemic illnesses linked to missing nail moons.

Check your levels of vitamin B-12 and iodine. Get your blood pressure and thyroid function evaluated. In conclusion, the lunula is regarded as an indicator of your overall health. Any change should therefore be considered carefully and verified.