You are not Here to Impress Anyone

Life can be like a show sometimes. Depending on who you are, life can be any show. To some people, life is a fashion show, and so their lives revolve around clothes, trends, and fashion styles.

To some, life is a game show, and so you see them always trying to win and get the best. Some people see life as a circus show. How people behave is dependent on how they view life.

Our perception of life also influences how we prioritize things. Someone who sees growth as a fashion show will prioritize clothes very high. You may love clothes and want to wear whatever is trending, the designer’s outfits, unfortunately, you can’t. You stick to basic, affordable clothes.

Here is the truth: Wearing basic affordable or cheap outfits do not make you broke or uncool. A lot of successful persons had one time or the other gone through a phase of making do, trying to make ends meet. They understood how it works. They know that it is not all about the clothes you wear.

Community impression.

Wearing cheap clothes does not make you less than people who wear expensive clothes. Everyone has their priorities. You have to remember that they might not have a family to feed. They can, therefore, afford to dress to impress the community. You, on the other hand, have responsibilities. A family to feed, to clothe, and provide shelter for. It will, therefore, be somewhat foolish for you to try and compete with those who have nothing of that sort.

You can choose to throw caution and responsibility to the wind and simply join the crowd. You can decide that it is better to impress the community than handle your responsibility. Unfortunately, that does not mean that your responsibilities will go away. You will just be shifting your responsibilities to a future date. Does this mean that someone who has mouths to feed should not look good?

No, but looking good is relative. It will be better if you take the extra money that will buy you the luxury and put them into some reliable investments. When you do so, you can focus on using the early parts of your years to make money and invest. Investing early will allow you to retire early and enjoy the luxuries you had given up before. The whole point is, do not throw money on frivolities when you have responsibilities. Instead, focus on doing what you have you do, building a healthy financial portfolio, and securing the future.

When you do that, you will one day realize that not only do you not have mouths to feed (since you must have secured their futures too), but you have enough to wear expensive clothes and do the things you have always wanted to do. You might discover then that you do not need the expensive clothes as much as you need a good vacation, a nice house, rest of mind and body and the simple yet luxurious things of life.

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