10 Reasons Why Modern Relationships Are So Fragile

Many relationships today put comfort first. We remain with the same person while things are calm, warm, but just a problem comes up and the desire to end is gradually increasing. Of course, this does not always happen, but often people prefer to break up than try to solve problems and improve the relationship.

We are not sufficiently prepared.

Many times we are unwilling to come to terms, to sacrifice customs and to love unconditionally. We don’t want to wait, we want everything here and now. We do not give time for the evolution of our feelings.

We confuse love with other feelings.

We want a person to go to the movies or a party, not someone who understands us and supports us in times of sadness. We don’t know how to deal with boredom, so we are looking for people to turn our lives into adventure, but we don’t know how to deal with the period after this initial passion.

We sink into material problems.

Over the years, there is no time or space left for love because we care so much about problems and material goods.

We expect momentary results.

When we fall in love, we quickly want the relationship to mature, and we forget that maturity and understanding appear over the years. Most people think that nothing in the world makes up for a lost time, not even “the luck of quiet love.”

We are impatient.

A lot of people prefer to spend an hour with different people, then a whole day with one person. Nowadays people meet but don’t know each other. We want it all at once and we get into a relationship and end up without thinking twice, just because apparently it’s the best option. We do not evaluate this calmly. We do not surrender completely but require delivery from the other party. We go out with many, but we give almost none opportunities.

We depend on technology.

Technology changes so fast that physical contact has been replaced by messages, chats, applications, and video conferencing. We are no longer on the side of other people, although we know all about them through social networks.

We get bored quickly.

We think we are not made for relationships and the possibility of being with one person for a long time makes us afraid. We avoid stability for fear of boredom.

We are ‘sexually free’ people.

The new generation began to separate sex and love. Nowadays, people have sex and then evaluate whether or not they are ‘compatible’. Out-of-wedlock sex is in vogue, as are open relationships, sex between friends, one-night sex, and many other novelties that make a long relationship difficult.

We rely heavily on logic.

Few people are able to love with all their hearts, overcoming difficulties such as time and distance.

We are afraid of many things.

We are afraid of new relationships, disappointments and heart wounds, so we don’t let other people into our lives and build invisible walls that plunge us into a sea of ​​loneliness.

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