How Friends Become Family

Do you have that one friend who you can’t seem to differentiate from a twin brother or sister? The first thing you notice about how close a friend has become is the way they treat you. 

Perhaps you never really had a family, and that could be why you are finally starting to feel like you are really a part of something. It rarely happens, but friends do become family, and there are signs to show that the transformation is happening. 

They Accept Your Best—And Worst

So you know how to play the guitar so well, but no one around ever seemed to notice or care? But your friends look forward to you bringing that box and strumming some chords while they sing some of their best songs. They even help you carry the instrument probably everywhere all of you go. On the flipside, do you go into an episode each time you are frustrated about something? It looks so bad that everyone else calls you a freak, but your friends know your worst moments do not define you. 

No One Understands You Better

To simply put it, no one understands you better than your friends. They do so because they know what it means to go through what you are handling in life. Everyone else sounds amazingly sympathetic but they do not quite grasp the reality that is homesickness, having to work in multiple time zones, dealing with visa troubles and actually crossing those tacky things off your bucket list. The best part of this is that your friends will not only understand you, but also want to engage in those activities, affording you the ultimate companions. 

Endless Learning

Friends, among other interesting things, learn from each other. Well, they may have been on the road for longer than you ever have or have a very high country count. But there is every reason to bet that have been things you both had to work out on your own. Sharing they say is caring, and you have gathered your tips, tricks and hacks to make each other’s life way easier. Such friends are the ones who you turn to when you are not sure about how to look for the perfect job or what it means to go on a blind date with someone.

Spending Holidays

Who are the first people that come to your mind when you think about Christmas, Halloweeen, Thanksgiving and Easter? If it is your friends, then there is every chance they have become your family. Amid the bustle of life, such times are when families come to spend time together, so if you are doing it with the people closest to you, you already have your answer. It is one thing to want to hang out with your friends during the holidays, and it is another for all of you to actually spend the season together. 

Is your circle of friends mirroring one another and eerily getting similar? Well, if that is not your different genes trying to become one, then we do not know what is. 

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