15+ Understated Tattoos with Unexpectedly Deep Meanings

Many highly personal reasons, frequently influenced by cultural, emotional, or personal circumstances, lead people to obtain tattoos. Among the frequent causes are:

  1. Expression of Oneself: People can use tattoos as a means of self-expression to show off their interests, personalities, and values on their bodies.
  2. Artistic Freedom: Many people get inked to display lovely, significant, or distinctive designs on their flesh because they consider tattoos to be a kind of art.
  3. Memorials:In order to memorialize or remember a loved one, a momentous occasion, or a pivotal time in one’s life, tattoos are frequently employed.
  4. Religious or Cultural Significance: Tattoos are often associated with spirituality or culture; they might symbolize rites of passage, spiritual beliefs, or kinship ties.
  5. Style or Visual Appeal: Some individuals choose to get tattoos only for aesthetic reasons, appreciating the way they make them look better.
  6. Personal Narratives:A person’s tattoos can convey a narrative or commemorate important life events, such as conquering adversity or celebrating a victory.
  7. Group Affiliation:Having a tattoo might indicate one’s affiliation with a specific group or community, be it social, professional, or ideological.
  8. Rebellion or Proclamation: Some people use tattoos as a means of defying social conventions or expressing their uniqueness and nonconformity.

Every tattoo has a special meaning for the individual who has it, and the motivations behind getting inked are just as varied as the designs.

Thanks to BrightSide, we at DailyPositiveInfo are greatly inspired by the rich meanings that these tattoo lovers include into their creations.


  1. ”I have a tattoo of my father’s chuckle. “I carry his smile and joy with me wherever I go now.”                                                                                                                                          © drewsoulman / Reddit
  2. “Ginkgo leaves — they were my great-grandmother’s favorite, and her love for them was passed down through the strong, enduring, hopeful women in my family.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            © Kat_McNamara / Twitter
  3. “This is my first tattoo in honor of my grandfather (he liked sunflowers and pink flamingos, thus the feather).”                                                                                                                © shetlandduck / Reddit
  4. “My first tattoo in honor of my chemist grandmother”                                                                                                                                                                                                                    © thanguan / Reddit
  5. “Got a tattoo in honor of Kiko today, she was 9 when she passed.”                                                                                                                                                                                            © Terminator7786 / Reddit
  6. “I finally did it… I got the tattoo in honor of my father. It’s just before his one-year death anniversary. He did stage magic for a pastime, and this prop was my favorite of his tricks.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    © melthehoneybee / Twitter
  7. “‘I can’ for when I beat thyroid cancer…”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    © Photographer Knitting / Facebook
  8. “I have two tattoos on my wrists to memorialize my sons. They were born on the same day, but 15 years apart. “August 2, both Leos.”      © Elena Vylegzhanina / Facebook
  9. “It’s my kitty heading off to the other side — my first proper tattoo in memory of my kitty, Ziggy.” © WonkTheLlama / Reddit
  10. “I got my first Beatles tattoo yesterday, in commemoration of John. I’m going to acquire a half-sleeve with Beatles references.”                  © paperbackedsea / Reddit
  11. “A weir wood tree and dire wolf tattoo in honor of my dog, Ghost”          © YerBoyDers / Reddit
  12. “A new tattoo in honor of my recovery after a broken back” © vertebrakery / Reddit
  13. “This is my actual heartbeat, its irregular.” 
  14. “‘STRENGTH’ is in my mother’s handwriting. It’s very close to my heart. A reminder that, while she died from heart problems, I inherited her STRENGTH. The hand belongs to my older brother, who respects my mother and me.
  15. “I purchased this in memory of my lost baby. The people at the tattoo shop chuckled since they had no idea what it meant.
  16. “I went to a tattoo shop in town and showed them a picture of what I wanted, and they laughed. I assume because it appeared to them to be a simple tattoo and they were unaware of the meaning.”
  17. Simple yet meaningful.
  18. “A semicolon is used when an author has the option of ending a sentence but decided not to. You are the author, and the sentence represents your life. About three years ago, my oldest was struggling; we didn’t think we’d make it, but he’s OK now, and we have matching tattoos.”
  19. “My mom got a memorial tattoo for my younger brother.”
  20. “My first tattoo is a memorial for my dad who recently passed away.”
  21. What are your thoughts on tattoos as a way to preserve memories of significant life events?