3 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Old Music

Have you found yourself listening only to old music recently? You may think it to be a retro lifestyle that will make you look down on and lose track of the newer songs. But there is nothing actually wrong with going back to favor the music that defined your childhood or college days, for one, because you are one of the not many people who actually can. Countless people use “classical” as a synonym for “nerdy,” “difficult,” or at best, “relaxing.” but these are unfortunate and narrow associations. If you used to feel like a backward person for listening to old hip hop and hearing the way people in the 90s used to rap, you do not have to. Mind you. music is more like a strong language, not necessarily a definite lifestyle. Survival Is Exciting Ever been at an occasion and hear a very old song that makes you wonder how the DJ managed to lay his or her hands on it? The kind of vibe is sent is laced with a story of survival. A song living through time and still ringing a lot of positive bells brings ab0ut a peculiar kind of excitement. Contrary to the opinion that it is outdated, such music can be an effective vehicle for conveying heights as well as depths of emotion. Edward Elgar’s cello concerto makes for something haunting and sorrowful while the final movement of Beethoven’s 5th symphony can make you joyful. Seeing Things Differently Many people feel their right to their taste of music should neither be questioned nor judged. While that is understandable, listening to old music is not exactly a threat to the kind of songs you reconcile well with. It does not have to take more than 20 minutes in a day to listen to the classics and old timey musicians. Doing so consciously does not just help you familiarize historically, but also enables you to see things—and the world from a different perspective. Listening to Westlife, for example, can help you understand that there was a time when people deeply appreciated even the littlest things. Appreciating Art More A common myth among millennials is that old songs were for their grandparents and as such hardly have a place in the modern, hippy life. They also believe that to understand this age of music, one needs to be trained and well-rooted in high art. Well, mostly, these are just excuses to not have to follow in as little as one footstep of the ones before us. More than anything else, art is more likely to bring people of different genders, personalities and generations together. This is the one reason why old songs will never go extinct, as there are people who still know how it connects the present with the past. The ability to apprehend beauty is something we have in common with our ancestors, which means you can understand the language of music from just about any era.

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