Healing Is A Process, Not An Emergency

Have you ever been hurt so bad you felt like bouncing back almost immediately? Perhaps it is in an effort to show that you are one of the strongest persons in the world or to prove to yourself that others do not have so much power over you. Inasmuch as you need to feel better about something as soon as possible, there is really no timestamp on the healing process. Healing Takes Time It is normal to expect some of your lifelong traumas and other emotional episodes to magically disappear. This is mostly the case when you have a constellation of consultation, practice and therapy. Well, it is possible to heal fast, but one thing important is finding out the answer to your problems and working gradually towards it. The ideal scenario is for one realization or eureka moment to make your big demon fade away like ash thrown into an angry wind. But, depending on the problem you are trying to solve and your personality, healing from certain scars life inflicts upon us actually takes time. It is not a few weeks, a month or a year, but just an indefinite amount of time within which consciousness and effort are great factors to speedy recovery. Most burdens— particularly from those who are dear to you—can run deep and require your unwavering decision to tackle them. It Requires Guidance There is no law which mandates that someone hurt who should know what to do next. In fact, you do not necessarily know what has to be done. But you can follow where your heart and mind draws you to. There is no guarantee that every step you take is going to be the right one. You may never know, but you were probably meant to learn something or to get an idea of what exactly you need and what you do not. What you want to do is lessen your burdens, address them one after the other and find some degree of comfort. You also need some sort of clarification of the ways that seem appropriate to the process, with or without a facilitator. Focus more on how you feel after each decision you make, after every consultation and therapy session. Should you feel drawn to it in some way, then it may have something tangible to offer you. Healing Is A Path Whether it is quick or takes time, easy or one of the hardest things, done is isolation or in a company of others, healing remains a path. It is rarely a single moment, but rather a sequence of them. There will be times when the end of such a path will present you with one definite answer, one that would significantly illuminate everything and liberate you in grand apotheosis. In the same way, the end of other paths will leave you feeling bad. But the hurtful memories and the wounds will not be sore forever. Other times, things will simply not be there anymore, while separate cases will leave you feeling free, with no necessary happiness or bliss. As time goes one, those bad feelings will be erasing, even without you noticing. One day, you will just realize that they are not there anymore. ‘ Healing is a time-dependent process. Do not take it too fast, do not take it too slow. Give yourself enough time to make sure your efforts do not go down the drain.

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