4 Effective Ways To Cope With Losing Someone You Love

It is never easy to cope with losing someone very dear to you, no matter the litany of condolences and motivational quotes people give you. It will hurt and probably do so for a long time. That kind of pain is most felt when you want to have a conversation with them, but you discover yet again that they are and never will be around. Inasmuch as they cannot be replaced, there are surefire ways you can cope with the loss, all of which can help you actually remember them in happiness rather than all sadness.

Don’t Rush

There is no one timestamp on how long it should take for you to get over losing someone to the icy hands of death. Everyone grieves differently as you have every right to take as much time as you need. Well, it might take longer than some people are imagining, but your grief’s duration does not have to fall in the line of anyone’s predictions. If you think you are having it toward the wrong direction, then you might want to ask for help. Nevertheless, spending a whole month curled up in your bed and crying is valid only if it is what you need.

Don’t Resort To Substances

Most people think that drenching your senses in alcohol, filling up your insides with smoke and lacing your bloodstream with hard drugs helps. It does not make it feel better, neither does it change the fact that the person is never coming back from the dead. Resorting to substances is never the answer, and it can even do more harm than good. They male you temporarily numb to the pain, but spending time masking these feelings is only pushing the healing process back behind a blakc door. Talk to someone instead.

Why Not Honor The Dead?

You had some of the best times with this person, so much that you never imagined that these good things would one day come to an end. To show that you hold these memories in high esteem, why not actually honor that person you are bereaved of? It is understandable that you wish they were here, but it is more important to send them a message that their time here meant so much to you. Honoring the demise of a loved one can actually help you feel better, as you would know that they are somehow listening.

Do Something New

If there;s anything all the dead people want for the loved ones they left behind, it is that they should have a better and more satisfactory life. Rather than sitting in your bed all day with your Turkish Angora, visit a place you have never been before. You can book a trip to a new city. Isolate yourself if you have to, but note that it should not be a permanent thing. Do the things you love, connect with people, have fun and carry on their legacy. These will help only if you willingly try.

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