Making Great Friends Is Good But The Most Important Thing Is Keeping Them

Thanks to cutting-edge technology and the presence of social media platforms, making friends and staying connected with them is easier than ever. However, our seemingly busy lifestyles, superficial communication, false intimacy and even neediness all make it harder to grow and sustain real friendships. If you have friends that bring good vibes, enriches your life, supports you and are trusted confidants, then you need to do more to keep them in your life.

Keep Interactions Alive

Well, this is about 80 percent of the work. To preserve a place in your life for your friend or group of friends, there needs to be some seeing and talking to each other from time to time. If they live in the city away from you, visiting them once every month is a pretty good idea. This will help them know that they matter to you and that you want to keep things solid. You can meet up with your more casual friends on a less frequent basis. But your inner circle buddies should be gotten together at least once in every two weeks.

Give Them Space

If you appear too needy or clingy, it can do a lot to drive your good friends away. Even if that one person does not return your calls or reply your text as quickly as you would prefer, do not turn it into a wedge that will drive between you guys. In as much as they are good friends of yours, they have full, separate lives and responsibilities of their own. So do not be surprised if their world does not always revolve around you. Do explore your personal interests and form a strong network and community. Savor solitude so the friendship will have room to breathe.

Celebrate Their Successes

Whether it is a birthday anniversary, a university matriculation or a new job offer, you need to show up for these people and join them in their celebrations. Apart from sharing a shoulder and a handkerchief during tough times, it is equally vital for you to help them celebrate these milestones, no matter how little they may seem. One way or another, make sure you are there to open the champagne and be a part of the cheer. As a friend of theirs, it is your duty to as well share their happy memories.

Honesty Matters

Some friendships meet a tragic end as a result of dishonesty. What’s worse, betraying someone’s trust. As a friend, it is expected of you to be as open and as honest as possible in order for you to earn their trust. If you do anything odd to make them think you are not on their side, you might never get a second chance. The worst thing you can do is not respecting their opinions, and using them as judging tools when they are not there. It hurts to let a friend go, but it hurts more to lose them because of dishonesty.

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