A miracle prayer

I am praying for everyone who needs a miracle. Only God can do the impossible, he’s the only one that can create a way where we feel there’s no way.

Today, I pray God touches your health and every other area of your life that needs divine intervention. We can never know the battle God fights for us until we are in close contact with the enemy.

I almost lost my life last three days and up until now, I can’t stop praising God for his mercies in my life. I’m a third-degree fire burn survivor and how I was the only one that survived that accident seems like a miracle.

I was in comatose for years and at some points, the doctors got tired of me and just wanted to leave me to my fate.

They said I wasn’t responding to treatments neither was I showing I was ever going to get back on my feet again, how it happened was a big miracle.

I can’t just thank God enough for all the miracles in my life; he gave my life a purpose, he showed me light, and right now I’m walking in his glory.

I wasn’t a righteous woman, I defiled his rules day and night, but he looked past my inequities and decided to give me another chance and make my life gracious.

He used me to feed the poor and provide homes for the motherless children and the weak in society.

He gave my life a new meaning that keeps bringing joy to my heart each time I remember he loves me too much.

Our God is a miracle-working God, let him into your life and watch it change for the better.