I’m sending you hugs

Are you having a hard time standing on your feet again?

Do you feel no one cares for you nor loves you? Is your day so bad that you feel it’s choking the life out of you?

I’m sending you hugs today hoping that it’s going to make your day better than before.

No matter how bad the situation is, I’m always that shoulder you can lean on, talk to and we are going to figure it out.

When I couldn’t get into college, I had plans of what I was going to do after that and just how my life is going to be, but I saw them Fading away.

I was losing my mind when I still couldn’t get it right for the third time, I was walking home one day, tired of life, I just wanted to get home and cry it all out.

I got to the bus stop and it was so deserted and I took that chance to let the tears rain.

I cried so much that I didn’t know when I found my arms around the necks of a stranger.

I didn’t know when I let out all my sorrows and even when I wanted to stop crying he told me to continue, that this is going to be my last, I should let it all out.

After standing for God knows how long, I leaned on his shoulders and had the longest talk of my life.

The talk that changed my life for the better, gave my life value, and made me the happiest person on earth.

He made me discover college wasn’t everything, what if that isn’t my calling, what I was meant to do something else.

I told him my hobbies and it didn’t take long for him to connect me to a movie producer as I was very good at scriptwriting, but I abandoned it because I felt it wasn’t just necessary in the digital world, I needed my certificate more than anything.

Today, I have gone into acting and scriptwriting, my name is a household name and I got the best partner in the world, a man who changed my life for good.

I’m sending you hugs to comfort you, to let you know there’s light at the end of the tunnel keep pushing love.