A royal expert discusses Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage while she undergoes cancer treatment

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been wed for over 13 years. Together, the Prince and Princess of Wales have experienced a great deal, and now, following a very trying year, it seems that Kate is almost entirely recovered from her cancer diagnosis in February. The family has all found Kate’s lengthy recuperation to be difficult.

Even though they have stuck with each other through thick and thin, William has had to shoulder a lot more responsibility than normal, and this could have had a negative impact on their marriage.

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During Trooping the Colour, Kate Middleton made her regal reappearance, allowing royal fans all over the world to witness their future queen up close once more. Even though it might take some time for her to fully recuperate, she and Prince William’s marriage has endured. In fact, a royal specialist believes that Kate’s illness may have strengthened it even more.

When Prince William and Kate Middleton first met, they were both students at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Although Kate was shy at first, the couple are claimed to have met through friends. She said, “I actually turned bright red when I saw you and scuttled off feeling very shy about meeting you.” “It took some time for us to get to know each other because William wasn’t there for a good portion of the beginning and wasn’t there since Fresher’s Week.”

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With a smile on their faces, William and Kate’s images on the balcony spoke volumes. Jennie Bond, a former royal correspondent for the BBC, said it gave a clear picture. They not only survived a tremendously trying time, but they also have high expectations for the future.

“They’ve put their strong partnership to the test over the last few months,” Bond said to OK! Magazine. “I believe that this picture demonstrates their ability to jump for joy even during the most trying circumstances, and that Kate purposefully selected a shot that expresses their hope for the future.”

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She loves William; he is her rock, has given her unwavering support through everything, and has drawn criticism from the public for not doing more and for dedicating himself to her. Hence, she loves her boyfriend. I believe their union is more solid than before.

Jennie Bond went on to call William’s dedication to Kate a “great accolade.” The future king has come under fire for his actions after learning that his wife had cancer, but Bond argues that it all boils down to his unwavering devotion to her.

“Having a partner in such a public position is a huge honour, but any partner should just say, ‘OK, I don’t care what people think, you are my priority,'” the speaker said. “William has made it very evident that Kate and the kids are his top priorities, and nothing will change his mind about that.”