The startling assertion made by a plastic surgeon that Kate Middleton received “baby botox

For over ten years, Kate Middleton has been a part of the royal family. Despite experiencing her fair share of highs and lows, she is now regarded as one of the public’s favourite members of the royal family. Kate and her family have faced many difficulties this year, including her initial abdominal surgery and subsequent cancer diagnoses.

She is still recovering and made her first appearance in public this year at Trooping the Colour a few weeks ago.

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Kate Middleton has visited hospitals before, prior to her visit this year. She underwent surgery when she was young and was in a “rotten” state when she became pregnant with George. The British doctor’s surprising suggestion that Kate had been using botox some years ago sparked an immediate response from the palace.

Fans all around the world experienced awe at Kate Middleton’s royal comeback during the Trooping the Colour a few weeks ago. The royal family has surely faced difficulties this year due to the numerous health concerns. It all started when Kate Middleton was admitted to the hospital and had an allegedly “planned” stomach surgery in January.

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A British plastic surgeon named Dr. Munir Somji posted a side-by-side image of Kate Middleton on Instagram in July 2019 and claimed that the model had Botox. In the now-deleted photographs, he captioned one of them, “Our Kate loves a bit of baby Botox.”

He went on, “Note the reduction of fine lines on the forehead.” Observe, however, that the lateral tail of the brow is elevated while the medial (middle) half of the brow is lowered.

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Baby Botox is essentially the same as regular Botox, but because it is administered in smaller dosages, it has a more sombre and natural appearance as opposed to the “frozen” aspect. “You will still be able to move, but it will prevent wrinkles.” Pamela Benito, a cosmetic dentist and aesthetic medicine specialist, told Byrdie that it functions as a small complexion refresher.

The assertion made by Dr. Munir Somji that Kate had botox was swiftly refuted. Sammy Curry, the marketing manager of the Dr. Medi Spa facility, felt compelled to clarify to Page Six that the term “our Kate” did not imply that Kate was a patient at their facility, but rather that it described “The UK’s Kate.”

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“It would be inappropriate for us to reveal whether or not she is a client,” stated marketing manager Sammy Curry. “We are prohibited by non-disclosure agreements from disclosing the identities of our high-end clients, and we are unable to comment on her visit in any way.”