Appreciate Your Parents for Their Support

When we were kids, our parents were obliged to provide for our needs. Some of us have been lucky enough to have parents who provided for our needs, and some of us even got luxuries. Not everyone is or was fortunate to have parents or parents who could provide or wanted to provide for them. When we turn 18, we become adults legally. At this point, our parents have no legal obligation towards us any longer. We are considered adults and old enough to fend for ourselves. That is why we need to appreciate them when they continue to provide for our needs. Rather than feel like it is our right to receive support from our parents after we turn 18, we should recognize it for what it is: a privilege. A heightened sense of over entitlement. Rather than be grateful, a lot of young adults work about with an air of entitlement. They still expect their parents to support them, and they think it is a right for them. What a lot of them fail to realize is that from 18 years on, their parents owe them nothing This realization should further drive a profound sense of appreciation and respect on the side of the young adult. Unfortunately, that is often not the case.

Dear Young Adult

When you have parents who still support you in your adult years rather than throw you out of the house or allow you to fend for yourself, be grateful. Appreciate them. Whenever you are home, go out of your way to help them with chores and errands. Get a job and contribute to the housekeeping funds. Fix things around the house. You might not have money to buy them things, offer your services. When you are past 18, every support your parents give you is going above and beyond. They are not obliged to do so legally anymore This knowledge should make you respect them and love them more. A lot of young adults stumble into different kinds of terrible situations from which their parents have to bail them out. Some live with their parents even when they can afford their own place. Most parents continue to be there for their kids, financially, even when the kids are grown. Parents do not baulk at helping their kids. Unfortunately, some of these children do not treat their parents’ right. They repay their sacrifices and efforts with negligence, disregard, abandonment and sometimes, outright disrespect. These are the children who walk around feeling entitled to the wealth and possessions of their parents. To you young adult who is reading this, do not be that bad child who is entitled, disrespectful and hateful. Do not be the child who does not appreciate the extra miles his parents are going when they continue to support you even after you become an adult. Be the child who is aware and uses every opportunity to show love and appreciation to his parents.

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