Every Wife Needs a Husband Who Supports Her

There are some women who seem to always behave differently from society’s idea of who a wife should be.
They are bold, expressive,
confident and all-round amazing.
These women act like they do not care about other people’s opinions of them. They are driven and ambitious, and the fantastic thing is that they have their husband’s support.
Society might want to be condescending and call such women “crazy”. They will call them crazy because they do not conform. These women do not allow society to dictate who they are or what they should do. They refuse to dress in a certain way or act in a certain way. They are unexpected and always leave people in awe.

Behind the crazy wife.

When a married woman is like this, check properly, she has her husband solidly beside, supporting her. Women who society find hard to tame, swallow or understand are mostly supported by their husbands. It is most common in present times. This does not mean that aren’t women who have these characters who do not enjoy their husbands support. There are some women who are like this whose husbands do not support them, but a lot of women who society has termed “crazy” enjoy massive support from their husbands.

The husbands of crazy wives.

We know these women are not crazy. They are different, and society does not like different.
The dislike of society for their difference does not stop them from pursuing their goals and continuing not to conform.
What kind of man supports a woman who defies society?
A man who understands that women are amazing creatures who can do a lot more good when given the opportunity.
A man who knows that society’s opinion limits the woman.
A man who respects his wife and sees her as one who was equally created by God and also given a purpose. A man who understands the importance of supporting his wife to fulfil her purpose
A man who knows that she is not crazy but unique enough to defy society’s limitations and soar.
Such a man stands boldly and proudly behind his wife, he gives her room to fly, creating a safe yet open space for her to be.
He does not limit her with his thoughts or actions. He refuses to allow stereotypes to exist in their relationship. He is not afraid to allow her to take the lead because he trusts in her abilities to lead right.
He is comfortable allowing her to grow bigger and better because he knows she has a purpose.
He is proud to be the man behind the crazy woman because he knows her “crazy” is what makes her who she is, and he is proud of who she is.
He is her number one cheerleader and fan. He is always there to support her. With him standing behind her, giving her his support, she can soar as high as she dares to dream, knowing that he is there to catch her even if she falls.

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