Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have been married for nearly 46 years; she rejected him twice before saying “I do”

Bill and Hillary Clinton are one of America’s most powerful couples, and their love story is rather unique. They’ve been together for nearly 46 years and have overcome adversity to keep their marriage healthy.
Bill was always interested in politics, even as a youngster. He was able to enroll in some of the most renowned schools in the country due to his exceptional intelligence and academic performance. After high school, Bill attended Georgetown University. Then, in 1986, he received a Rhodes scholarship to attend Oxford University, after which he completed his law degree at Yale.

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People who knew him well were aware of his political ambitions. Bill’s interest in politics got even deeper following a very memorable meeting with then-President John F. Kennedy when visiting the White House Rose Garden as a delegate to Boys Nation.

The photograph of young Bill shaking the President’s hand attracted a lot of attention, and many consider it legendary.
“I was about the third or fourth person in, and…I sort of muscled my way up (to the front),” Bill once recounted of the meeting that had a significant impression on him.
Many of his colleagues remembered how Bill couldn’t stop talking about JFK that day and was so interested and inspired by him that he promised a friend, future Minnesota Congressman Jim Ramstad, that he would have that job one day.
As we all know, young Bill maintained his pledge and became the 42nd President of the United States of America. During his successful presidency, Clinton engaged in an affair with intern Monica Lewinsky, which clouded much of his legacy in the White House.
Monica was 22 at the time, and the affair lasted two years before anyone knew about it. Her phone had been tapped and her calls secretly recorded, and she was eventually forced to appear in front of a grand jury. A large portion of her chats with the President were published in the media, and her life was shattered. She only wanted to regain her anonymity, which is still impossible now.

Future president Bill Clinton, a teenage boy, shakes the hand of President John F. Kennedy (1917 – 1963) as other American Legion Boys Nation delegates look on during a trip to the White House in Washington DC. (Photo by Arnold Sachs/Getty Images)
As the romance became public, all eyes turned to Bill’s wife, Hillary. Despite the scandal, she never abandoned Bill’s side.

In her memoir, published in 2003, Hillary discussed her marriage and noted that staying with Bill was one of “the most difficult decisions I have made in my life.” In an interview with Barbara Walters, Hillary stated, “I was furious, I was dumbfounded, I was … just beside myself with anger and disappointment,” and continued, “You know, I couldn’t imagine how he could have done that to me or to anyone else.”
However, Hillary was able to forgive Bill for his infidelity because of their love story and feelings for each other.
Bill and Hillary initially met while attending Yale. Bill recalled their initial encounter, saying, “In the spring of 1971, I met a girl.” The first time I saw her, we were in a class about political and civil rights. She had thick blonde hair, large glasses, and wore little makeup. And she emanated a feeling of strength and self-confidence that I found appealing.”

Presidential hopeful Bill Clinton is joined by his daughter Chelsea (L) and wife Hillary during his campaign for the presidency. (Photo by Brooks Kraft LLC/Sygma via Getty Images)

One day, they were studying on opposite sides of the law library when she noticed he was staring at her. She decided to approach him and introduce herself. “Look, if you keep staring at me, I’ll stare back. We should at least know each other’s names. I’m Hillary Rodham; who are you? Bill recalls Hillary telling him.
He invited her out on a date soon after they met.

“She exuded this sense of strength and self-possession that I found magnetic,” Bill remarked at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. “I just asked her to take a walk down to the art museum.” We have been strolling, talking, and laughing together ever since.”

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He knew she was the one since they had an interest in politics and a love of the same things. Before saying ‘I do,’ Hillary turned down Bill’s marriage proposal twice. She simply assumed she wasn’t prepared at the moment.

“Bill existed in a separate universe. There was a distinct level of connectedness. In a Hulu documentary, Hillary stated, “I felt like he was the most interesting man I had ever met and would ever meet.”
Recalling such moments, Hillary told Girls star Lena Dunham she was “terrified” of losing her individuality and becoming lost in the “kind of wake” of “Bill’s force-of-nature-personality.”

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When he proposed for the third time, she eventually agreed, and they married in a modest ceremony.

I married my best buddy. After more than four years of knowing her, I was still amazed by how clever, strong, loving, and compassionate she was,” Bill once recalled of their wedding day.
“It was a big leap of faith, and I think most marriages are,” she said.
The Clintons are now grandparents to three gorgeous grandchildren with whom they spend significant time.

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On their 45th anniversary, they both took to social media.

“The 11th of October was a gorgeous day 45 years ago. It still is. The bride was also stunning. Bill Clinton tweeted, “And still is.” “Happy anniversary, Hillary. “I love you.”
“Forty-five years.” Hillary posted on Instagram, “Never a dull moment, and you’re still my closest friend. “Love you, Bill,” she wrote in a post.
What a powerful couple they are.